What happened to Domogarov? The gray-haired and disheveled actor appeared terribly in public

59-year-old Alexander Domogarov is successful in his profession. He acts in films and plays in the theater.

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Many fans noted that in recent years Domogarov began to look worse – he became fat, haggard and gray. The celebrity maintains a microblog where he shares news from his life.

This time, Alexander Yuryevich posted a photo in which, according to some fans, he appeared in a terrible form: with disheveled gray hair, unshaven, with a grimace on his face. Fortunately, it turned out that such an image was chosen for the role in the play “Richard III” of the Moscow City Council Theater, where the artist performs.

Domogarov said that “there are two shows left before the end of this calendar and a very difficult year.” The actor invited fans to visit them.

Alexander Domogarov

In the comments, the Russians left the star of theater and cinema kind words and wishes. “Well, good luck, peace and love, Alexander Yuryevich! May everything that you have in mind always come true, ”said one of the subscribers.

Recall that a year and a half ago Alexander Domogarov gave a very candid interview. The People’s Artist then announced that he had been living with the dancer Tatyana Stepanova for the past ten years. But this summer the artist broke up with her chosen one and met her birthday already in the status of a single man.

As Express Newspaper wrote, information appeared that the actor through social networks accused Tatyana of treason, theft and insulted with the last words. At the same time, according to an insider, Stepanova tolerated her casual mistresses and her “strange sexual addictions” next to Domogarov.

Photo source: Instagram*,Boris Kudryavov

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