What happened in Novofedorovka – expert analysis, all the details

On August 10, the Ukrainian side confirmed that 9 enemy fighters were destroyed in one fell swoop.

The experts analyzed the details of the explosions at the airport in Novofedorivka in the occupied Crimea. They summed up how much equipment was destroyed, what was fired at and how events could develop further.

As they say in the plot of the FreeDom project, in fact, the de-occupation of Crimea has already begun.

The 43rd Fighter Aviation Regiment of the aggressor country was based in Novofedorivka, which bombed peaceful Ukrainian cities. It included Su-30SM, Su-33 fighters and Su-24M bombers.

“This airfield was primarily used for delivering strikes against the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions,” Alexander Kovalenko, a military-political observer for the Information Resistance group, said.

Experts consider the explosions in Crimea a turning point in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“The military installations of the Russian Federation in Crimea are vulnerable, and it is no longer possible to hide it,” said Pavel Lakiychuk, head of security programs at the Strategy XXI Center for Global Studies.

However, the Kremlin propagandists hastened to write everything off again as a thrown cigarette butt or bungling. And the Russian Ministry of Defense generally assured that no equipment was damaged. True, the lies betray the scale of what happened – a kilometer from the explosions there were no whole windows left in the houses.

On August 10, the Ukrainian side confirmed that 9 enemy fighters were destroyed in one fell swoop. However, Ukraine denies the attack on the Russian base. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is completely trolling the Russian aggressors, recalling “the ban on smoking in unidentified places.”

Each side has its own reasons to deny Ukraine’s strike on Russia’s strategic target. For the Kremlin to blame Ukraine is to sign its own helplessness.

In any case, military analysts cautiously agree that the explosions in Novofedorovka were not an accident. The simultaneity of explosions at two different sites probably excludes the official Russian version of an accidental fire, but does not exclude either sabotage or a missile attack.

Here, some analysts suggest that the attack on the occupiers’ airfield in Novofedorovka was carried out by ATACMS. Others refute this information, arguing that it could be the Ukrainian Grom-2 missile system, the range of which reaches 280 kilometers.

“I do not rule out another more fantastic scenario, namely the use of Grom-2. This is an operational-tactical missile system that has been developed in Ukraine for quite a long time with investments from Saudi Arabia,” says military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko.

The Ukrainians could also smash the Russian base to smithereens with a modified Neptune, which has already shown itself in practice in the case of the Moskva cruiser. But there is currently no evidence to support this hypothesis.

UAV sabotage cannot be ruled out either. But no matter what they attack, this strike on the base in the Crimea is a personal slap in the face to Putin.

“The destruction of the airbase in Saki is a terrible blow to Putin’s psyche and his Russian image,” says political analyst Viktor Nebozhenko.

As UNIAN reported, on August 9 series of explosions and a fire broke out on the territory of the Saki airfield near the settlement of Novofedorovka in the Crimea temporarily occupied by Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that explosions occurred due to the detonation of ammunition. There were reports of injuries and one death.

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