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Ladies in waiting have always played a key role for Queen Elizabeth II, but now everything will change.

Maids of honor combined several roles, accompanied the still young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret at various receptions and trips abroad, and they were also assistants and secretaries of real people in one person.

But now, as reported Daily mail, the position of bridesmaid was abolished at Buckingham Palace, ending an age-old tradition. Now the ladies-in-waiting will be replaced by six assistants, who will be called “Queen’s Companions”.

The palace called them: Saroa Troughton, Jane von Westenholtz, Fiona, Marchioness Lansdowne, Lady Katherine Brooke and Baroness Carlene Chisholm. The sixth assistant is Camilla’s close friend Lady Sarah Keswick, whose husband, Sir Chips Keswick, stepped down as chairman of Arsenal Football Club in 2020.

Queen Camilla / Photo: Getty Images

A Palace source said they would receive a nominal fee to cover their expenses in much the same way as the ladies-in-waiting.

“The Queen Consort neither wanted nor needed ladies-in-waiting, and the Queen’s companions will play a different role. I am here to provide Her Majesty with support and companionship. At the end of a very busy day, it is nice to have a long-time friend date by your side,” says a royal source. Sunday Times.

All women are included in the inner circle of the king and queen and are considered one of the most faithful friends of the monarchs. The palace representative added that the former ladies-in-waiting will continue to help Her Majesty to King Charles III in organizing official events at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Camilla / Photo: Getty Images

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