What Donald Trump brought to the New York Times and Washington Post – media

The Twitter president was the best thing that could happen to newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post: They increased their digital sales significantly. How the Trump years gave the classic media a boost.

You could say that two men are the Washington Post have saved: Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump. Bezos, founder and shareholder of the global consumer giant Amazon, bought the capital city newspaper for $ 250 million in August 2013. On the one hand that is a lot of money, on the other hand not when you consider that Bezos is “worth” about 190 billion dollars today, making him the richest person on earth before Elon Musk. The new owner Bezos invested primarily in digitization; His financial commitment and the digital know-how of the Amazon people also generally held up the gradual decline of the once important newspaper of Watergate fame. And then Donald Trump came along.


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