What does the Frankfurt Sighthound Racing Club do?

FDietmar Heddergott used to go on club holidays in the Caribbean, now he goes to dog shows in Donaueschingen or Dresden. The comfort of the hotel room has also become a minor matter: “No matter how bad the beds and the food are, the main thing is that the Sloughi can let off steam,” jokes the architect in his comedy performance at a festival in honor of the Sloughi, a very old one Greyhound breed from North Africa. Because such a Sloughi, he is something great, so noble and so calm.

Anyone who rides the route along the Main from Hanau to Frankfurt from time to time by bike or inline skates may have wondered what is actually going on at Offenbach-Bürgel behind the fenced, large area of ​​the Frankfurt Sighthound Racing Club. And if you take the time to look over the fence to talk to people, you’ll be surprised at the extraordinary stories you’ll hear. By people who attract attention because of their hobbies and their passion. People who know that very well. But above all people who care about the well-being of their own dog.

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