What do you know about Harry Potter’s terminal illness?

It was because of an illness in childhood that the artist became interested in acting.

Daniel Radcliffe from a young age is known all over the world. Millions of fans follow his life and look forward to new roles, but few people know that off-screen, a favorite artist cannot even draw a regular rectangle on his own.

The fact is that the star of Harry Potter suffers from dyspraxia. This disease is expressed in the fact that he cannot perform complex and purposeful actions due to focal damage to the cerebral cortex. For example, he is not able to tie his shoelaces or a tie and draw a picture, but at the same time he can cope, for example, with an ordinary straight line.

Radcliffe himself tries not to advertise his illness, and on the screen, viewers will never notice the consequences of the disease. For many years, the artist has been diligently treated and performs fine motor skills exercises, which allows him to practically not encounter difficulties in everyday life.

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