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“What did you say?”, Delogu of stone and Masi leaves the studio – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella

Terrible week in via Teulada. TO Life live an unprecedented “rocket” is broadcast. “What did you say?” He says Andrea Delogu. In the meantime, Marcello Masi leave the studio. And during the last episode of Life live an unmissable “bickering” airs during the wellness space. The curvy model arrives in connection Laura Brioschi. Masi goes haywire: “I share everything you say. I ask you to marry me. But then the influencer becomes known for being already dressed in white. Andrea Delogu increases the dose: “We have now lost Masi”. Then everything happens. Masi calls Andrea Delogu “Laura”. “What did you say? You called me Laura … But how? They are the bases not to exchange women’s names “, thunders and Masi concludes:” I don’t get one. ” Yet another slide. For Life live it doesn’t seem like a good time. Although the competition has no flagship programs on the air, Rai1’s afternoon ratings are not brilliant. And in Viale Mazzini there is no mention of anything else.



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