What did the lottery draw come out in this draw?

Reporters reported that The atmosphere of selling lottery tickets for the period on February 1, 2023 found that the lottery “lucky number” and “popular number” Still selling well as before, including “lucky number” Which is still being bought by lottery lovers from the beginning of the sale, in this period, 1/2/66, the lottery division prepares to issue lottery results from the airport

While Mr. Thanasit Sukket or “Sia Chat Saipay” Celebrity lovers in Kamphaeng Phet Used to be famous for sticking to the bonnet of a young car The business owner sells banana shoots. In the past, “Sia Chat” used to tell the numbers to many villagers. Recently, I have told my favorite number for the draw on February 1, 2023 with “Mute Girl’s Daughter” that “This draw, I like numbers 69, 96 and 974. I would like to tell the fans that Those who hope that money gamble I asked to play, but in moderation. because it is uncertain If it’s gone, it’s a pity. As for the last draw, I won a little lottery.”

However, you can watch the broadcast live. “Government Lottery” Daily installment on February 1, 2023 via Thairath TV and Thai Rath Online from 2:00 p.m. onwards, orcheck lottery February 1, 2023, all prizes at Thai Rath Online.

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