What did Gott not forgive Dominic? A huge trip at the most difficult moment!

Karel Gott In the book My Journey for Happiness, he also recalls moments when doctors told him that he had lymphoma in his abdomen, and a series of chemotherapies began. “It’s remarkable how the disease is etched in a person’s face immediately after the first chemotherapies. Not after the first cycle, but after the second, third. Suddenly life goes out in the eyes, suddenly the expression and look change completely. Strange that you don’t notice it right away. I was scared after the treatment when I saw myself in the photos. And my loved ones must have been just as scared. “ he was aware of the seriousness of the situation, with the addition that after his daughter Charlotte Ella was visibly shaken at the sight of him, he no longer wanted anyone but his wife to visit him. Not even his children.

Dominika shaken about her relationship with Dad Gott: We’ve made a deal!

While the second-born Lucie understood this without any problems, Dominika allegedly reacted in an absolutely incomprehensible way, according to Slavík, as the Prima Ženy website writes. it was said to have deeply disappointed him. The eldest daughter was supposed to call Lucia and urge her to alert the media together and tell them that Ivana did not want to let them see her father. “Lucka told me and I was really angry. I asked Dominica why she wanted to do something so untrue? She didn’t answer me, but she hadn’t said a word to Lucka since then. She erased the half-sister from her life and, in fact, my whole family from that moment on. I was sorry and it bothered me. “ they do not hide Karel Gott in his autobiography.

Ivana Gottová prints Karl’s autobiography



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