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With the’inflation as it grows, the Italian table cries. Based on the findings Istat of June 2022 (which hit a record since 1986), food goods on supermarket shelves are up 8.8% over the same month last year. But there are products that reach much heavier percentages. Such as that of the rise in the cost of seed oils, especially sunflower oils who arrived at +68,6%. She put it down there Coldiretti drawing up a black list foods that are becoming prohibitive for Italians because they cost too much.

So here is sunflower oil in first place because, Coldiretti underlines “it is affected by the conflict in Ukraine which is one of the main producers and had to stop shipments because of the war”. In second place is the burro with a + 27.7% and in third place farinawith prices up 20.5% driven by increases in grain which also affect the pasta, an increase of 18.3%. Follows the Margarine (+16.8%), the chicken meat (+15,1%), il rice (“with ten thousand hectares less sown this year due to the drought that is also cutting crops”, points out Coldiretti. Double-digit increases also for egg (+ 13.6%), followed by chips (+13,5%) e ice creams which cost 13.4% more than last year.

The increase in prices obviously affects families, but the repercussions for the household are also heavyentire food chain starting from the countryside where, Coldiretti reveals “more than one farm in ten (11%) is in one so critical situation to bring to the cessation of the activity and well about 1/3 of the national total (30%) is in any case forced at this moment to work in a condition of negative income due to the increase in production costs, according to Crea “. In fact, in agriculture there are cost increases ranging from + 170% of fertilizers to + 90% of feeds to + 129% for diesel.

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