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A vending machine-sized spaceship crashed into a stadium-sized asteroid.

NASA for the first time in history, he tried to change the trajectory of an asteroid as part of a planetary defense mission. Scientists said the mission successfully achieved its goal.

This was reported in space agency.

Then, at 7:14 pm ET, our DartMission successfully reached its target, the non-dangerous asteroid Dimorphos, as part of the world’s first planetary defense mission.

The double asteroid redirection test is designed to demonstrate that the trajectory of a celestial body can be changed using a kinetic impactor. A vending machine-sized spacecraft crashed into a stadium-sized asteroid at 14,000mph or 22,500km / h.

“This test should show that kinetic impact is a viable technology that could one day be used to prevent an asteroid from colliding with Earth if necessary. At least for the next 100 years, Earth will not be threatened by a asteroid “, statement says message.

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