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We have found out about what would be the nonsense that Blake Lively would never forgive his partner, Ryan Reynolds. As he has told in an interview, although they get along very well and are one of the most solid marriages in Hollywood, there is one thing that he will not forgive in life. It turns out that while filming Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds shot a scene with Brad Pritt, who makes a cameo in the movie. Apparently, Blake Lively is a super fan of Brad Pitt, but does not know him. That is why she asked her husband to please let her know on the day they went to record to go to the filming set to meet him. Well, he didn’t warn you! Imagine the mosquedo that entered him!

Andrea, for example, also has one thing for which she is unable to forgive her husband. And it is that he forgot the first wedding anniversary. Mateo has remembered the great displeasure that Andrea had that day, because, as she says: “It is that if the first year is forgotten, I do not want to imagine what will happen when we have been 20 years“. Total, Andrea ended up riding the chicken and her husband showed up with a bouquet of flowers the next day.


In Mateo & Andrea we wanted to know if you also have a partner and if there is some bullshit that you will never forgive. This is how you unburden yourself! To the 662 100 664 He has sent us a message Martha, from Soria. She has told us that she will never be able to forgive her husband what you did on your wedding day. It turns out that at the time of the dance, he changed the song he had chosen from Bruno Mars to “I am a cup, a kettle, a spoon and a ladle“.

From Barcelona, ​​he has written us a message Oscar to tell us that you are not going to forgive your partner who, at a dinner you had with your boss, I left you alone with him for a moment. Oscar’s conversation with his boss was more forced than any conversation with someone in the elevator. He has also written to us Ana, from Madrid, because she is not going to forgive her boy who made him believe, at the beginning of the relationship, that he was a cousin-brother of Alejandro Sanz. When he told her, it suited Ana because he was from Moratalaz and his last name is Pizarro, which turns out to be Alejandro Sanz’s second name. But when Ana got heavy to meet him, she recognized that it was a lie. One of the biggest disappointments of your life!

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