What are your favorite teams to win the Champions League 2022 2023?

Write | November 30, 2022

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most popular sports tournaments on the European continent

After the great spectacle of the 2022 World Cup comes the arrival of the 2022-2023 Champions League with a lot of tension in every match. This season there are multiple favorite teams to win the cup, where the previous winner was Real Madrid.

For new fans, the UEFA Champions League or also known as the UEFA Champions League is one of the most popular sports tournaments on the European continent and one of the most important worldwide. The strongest leagues in Europe brings together 32 teams to participate in this event.

Likewise, knowing which teams are your favorites to win the Champions League 2022-2023 is helpful when creating your predictions. Now we present some of the most prepared to win the cup by positioning themselves as the main favourites.

Favorites to win the Champions League 2022-2023

Sports forecasting professionals are already starting to prepare paper and pencil to estimate the possible winners of the next edition of the Champions League. Some bookmakers like it 1xBet They claim to guarantee the highest odds for the main matches in the event.

After Real Madrid’s victory, fans have high expectations for the upcoming results of the tournament. Competitiveness is expected to be high as the following clubs are major favourites.

Manchester City

The main favorite for the expert market is Manchester City club, under the command of technical director Pep Guardiola, they have a squad with great potential for victory. Although they have not lifted any European Cup since 2016, more promising results are to be expected with the incorporation of Erling Haaland.


The Premier League team is positioned as the second most qualified to win the next Champions League. Although they suffered a defeat in the final of the 2021-2022 edition, they come as one of the best prepared clubs together with the arrival of key players such as Darwin Núñez and Jurggen Klopp to win.

Paris Saint-Germain

Among the best-performing clubs in recent seasons, the PSG It has one of the strongest squads today with the participation of stars like Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr, Mbappe and others. The closest he has come to winning the cup is as a finalist, so it will require a lot of effort.

Bayern Monaco

The Bundesliga club has a great track record in Champions League competition, winning 6 times and losing 5 times as a finalist. According to his record, he has great preparation for victory this 2022-2023 season, but Lewandowski’s departure could greatly affect his performance.

Finally, the Real Madrid team is not among the first favorite teams to win the 2022-2023 Champions League. However, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if its performance is similar to that of the previous edition. Considering these favorites will be convenient for your next sports predictions.

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