What are the trains that are still operational in NRW?

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Rail traffic and public transport in North Rhine-Westphalia will be largely paralyzed by a strike on Monday (March 27). However, some lines should still be served.

Dusseldorf – Large parts of NRW will be paralyzed by a veritable mega strike on Monday (March 27). The Verdi and EVG unions are calling for a nationwide all-day warning strike. According to Verdi, this affects, among other things, public transport in many NRW cities, but according to the EVG also the trains of Deutsche Bahn and other railway companies. It must currently be assumed that most buses, trains and regional trains in NRW will be canceled on Monday. Long-distance traffic, i.e. ICE and IC, is also affected by the strike.

The train company National Express operates several regional trains in NRW, including the RE6. © Rüdiger Wölk/Imago

Mega strike in NRW: why some buses and trains can still run

In some cases, buses and trains will probably still run. Locally, for example, when they are served by subcontractors who are not on strike. This has been the case several times in recent weeks with the Rheinbahn in Düsseldorf and the KVB in Cologne.

And: There are also train providers who are not on strike. These also serve some regional transport lines in NRW. National Express and RheinRuhrBahn have already confirmed that they will not be on strike. However, the strike could also lead to failures there, for example because signal boxes are not manned, according to the providers. Nevertheless, NRW commuters can at least hope to get to their destination on Monday with some train lines.

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Rail strike: These National Express trains are not on strike and are scheduled to run anyway

These train lines are served by National Express in North Rhine-Westphalia. They are expected to drive on Monday despite the major strike. However, failures are possible.

  • RE1 (NRW-Express): Hamm – Dortmund – Bochum – Essen – Duisburg – Düsseldorf Airport – Düsseldorf – Cologne – Horrem – Düren – Eschweiler – Aachen
  • RE4 (Wupper Express): Dortmund – Hagen – Wuppertal – Düsseldorf – Neuss – Mönchengladbach – Herzogenrath – Aachen
  • RE5 (Rhein-Express): (Emmerich –) Wesel – Oberhausen – Duisburg – Düsseldorf Airport – Düsseldorf – Cologne – Bonn – Remagen – Andernach – Koblenz
  • RE6 (Rhine-Weser Express): Minden – Herford – Bielefeld – Hamm – Dortmund – Bochum – Essen – Duisburg – Düsseldorf Airport – Düsseldorf – Neuss – Dormagen – Cologne – Cologne/Bonn Airport
  • RE7 (Rhine-Münsterland Express): Rheine – Munster – Hamm – Hagen – Wuppertal – Solingen – Cologne – Neuss – Krefeld
  • RE11 (Rhein-Hellweg-Express): Dusseldorf – Dusseldorf Airport – Duisburg – Essen – Bochum – Dortmund-Hörde – Unna – Soest – Paderborn – Warburg – Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe
  • RB48 (Wupper Lippe Express): Wuppertal-Oberbarmen – Wuppertal – Solingen – Cologne – Bonn – Bonn-Mehlem

Train strike: These RheinRuhrBahn trains are not on strike and should still run

According to their own statements, the RheinRuhrBahn will not be on strike on Monday either. The provider operates these lines in NRW, which should therefore still run. Here, too, the strike can cause losses.

  • RE10 (Niers-Express): Düsseldorf main station – Krefeld main station – Kempen (Lower Rhine) – Geldern – Kleve
  • RE14 (Emscher-Münsterland-Express): Essen main station – Bottrop – Gladbeck West – Dorsten
  • RB31 (The Lower Rhine): Duisburg – Moers – Xanten
  • RB36 (Ruhrort train): Duisburg-Ruhrort-Oberhausen
  • RE44 (Fossa Emscher Express): Bottrop – Oberhausen – Duisburg – Moers
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It is possible that other lines will also be added. As soon as this is known, we will update the lists accordingly. Note: No claim to completeness. Information correct as of March 23, 3 p.m. Please note that there may still be short-term changes that may not be included in this list. (bs) Fair and independent information about what is happening in NRW – subscribe to our free 24RHEIN newsletter here.

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