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September is coming and, with it, new seasonal fruits and vegetables that you will soon begin to see at your nearest greengrocer. In Spain we have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. From fig or spinach to apple, raspberry or mushroom. However, not all of them are available at any time. Despite the fact that it is increasingly easy to find all kinds of fruits and vegetables at any time of the year thanks to importation or greenhouse production, there are still some that we cannot find in our nearest greengrocer.

Why is it important to buy fruits and vegetables in season? Pmainly for its flavor. It is not the same to consume a product that has grown in optimal conditions than another that has grown in a greenhouse. But not only that. Consuming fruits and vegetables in season contributes to the sustainability of the food system by reducing energy consumption and generating less carbon dioxide emissions. A process that, in short, is much more respectful of the environment.

These are the seasonal fruits for the month of September

If you have decided to buy seasonal fruit, but you don’t know what the best options the market offers you, the Ministry of Consumption, the organization I’m seasonal and the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) They have several calendars that will get you out of doubt. Below we offer you which are the best fruits for this month of September, which will be marked by the transition from summer to autumn and the arrival of new pieces at your greengrocer.

Starting today you can find some such as blueberries, quince, mango, pear, pineapple, pomegranate, apple, grape, raspberry, blackberry, banana, son, melon, watermelon, persimmon, peach, plum and cherry. In short, a wide range of fruits that will allow you to make dishes of all kinds for this season. And what about vegetables? After the summer heat, we will find more and more options in our nearest greengrocer.

These are the seasonal vegetables for the month of September

According to the Ministry of Consumption through its Twitter account, September is the month of peppers, spinach and green beans. Also of chard, leek, lettuce, onion and pumpkin. To all these list of greens and vegetables we must add many more. Among others, the Executive recalls that September is a good month to buy endives, turnips, carrots, potatoes, corn and beets.

Also eggplant, mushroom, radish and tomato so, if you were looking for new options for your dishes, you are in luck. In short, the freshest fruits of summer begin to say goodbye to us to give way to new vegetables that were waiting for their moment.


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