What are the reasons for the collapse of PC demand in 2022?

It seems that the boom in personal computer or computer sales during the period of the spread of the Covid-19 virus has ended with the end of the repercussions of the virus.

Gartner research data showed a collapse in demand for personal computers during the last quarter of 2022, as sales declined by 28.5 percent, which is the highest rate of decline recorded during a quarter since the mid-1990s.

As for the entire year 2022, the demand for personal computers declined by 16.2 percent to about 286.2 million units, compared to 339.8 million units during 2021.

Lenovo ranked first as the company that sold the most personal computers in 2022, with a sales volume of 68.9 million units, followed by HP with 55.5 million units sold, then Dell in third place with 50 million units and Apple. In the fourth with 27.9 million units, then “Asus” in the fifth with 20 million units.

Technical analyst Hisham Al-Natour says, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia Economy”, that the collapse of personal computer sales in 2022 was the result of a conglomeration of several elements against this market. People have to incur unnecessary costs, so they are extending the life cycle of their personal computers.

According to Al-Natour, there is another factor that contributed to the decline in sales of personal computers in 2022, which is people’s adaptation to the Covid-19 virus and their return to their workplaces, universities and schools, indicating that work offices and schools remained closed for months during the years 2020 and 2021, which made commercial demand for personal computers very strong, as Computers at that stage turned into a desired solution to meet the constant need for remote work and study, with the support of government funding in several countries for this approach.

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For his part, Khalil Haymour, a specialist in technological development, says in an interview with “Sky News Arabia Economy” that it is true that the economic conditions played a major role in the decline in sales of personal computers in 2022, but there is a fact that this market is now suffering from saturation, as there is A large percentage of people now own new computers, due to the large sales that were achieved, especially in 2021.

Haymour believes that the demand for personal computers during 2023 will continue to decline and there will be a surplus in supply due to the continuation of the elements that led to the decline in 2022, and he expects sales to rise again during the year 2024 and beyond. (Sky News)

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