What are the differences between an app and a super app

Technology for smart devices has led to more day-to-day processes being carried out with the phone: paying taxes, ordering food, investing, buying online, using social networks, etc. However, to carry out these operations it was necessary, until now, to have a app for each thing, which was solved with the Superapp. These are the differences between both.

Differences between an app and a Superapp

As the name says, a Superapp is a set of applications different in one. These are programs capable of carrying out the main tasks for which today we need a app specific.

One of the differences main of the Superapp is that they have, in the first place, an option of mobile payments. Not only are they new ways of thinking about app usage, but they also represent a new business model for leading software developers.

The rise of Superapp It is yet to come, as indicated by the first experiences in Asia. The Superapp “Grab” is one example, as it became the first “decacor” (a company valued at $ 10 billion) in Southeast Asia.


To better understand the differences, can you imagine a Superapp as the software that “controls them all”, since it allows you to order food, taxis, hire advertisements and pay online, among a dozen other things.

How is the Superapp business?

A Superapp, To be successful, you must aim for a true community. The more users you have, the more likely you are to continue to exist. With a large number of users, the Superapp you do not need to charge a fixed value, since the business is located in the same community.

In this business model, the value is in the people. Companies will handle a large amount of data that they can monetize, either by selling external advertising or by charging other providers of the app and not the users.

This is because everything is done within it app, that manages to condense in a single place different internal services.

It is a different concept from what we know in Latin America. Facebook, for example, uses a multi-app strategy, since although it has control over a whole battery of apps different like WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook Messenger, each one is independent of the other.

The differences, in the case of Superapp, is that you only have to open a software to do different tasks.

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There is no single definition for a Superappas there are no limits to what you can do. The Superapp Asian Shohoz, for example, started out as an app to buy digital tickets, and later incorporated food and travel.

In Europe, one of the first Superapp to arrive was Deliveroo, a app which started as food delivery and has added transportation, money, tickets and travel services.

Superapp in Latin America

Slowly, some powerful applications such as Mercado Libre and Rappi have been incorporating more and more services, so they have the potential to become the first Superapp of Latinamerica.

Punctually, the app Rappi has made clear his intentions to become Superapp, by incorporating communication, streaming, games, music and shopping functionalities.

These are the differences between one app and one Superapp; It will be a matter of time until they arrive in Latin America and facilitate the loan of services on cell phones.

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