What are the chances that Bruno Valdez will leave Club América?

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Since November of last year, it became known that the UANL Tigers were interested in Bruno Valdez and was the current coach of tigers, Michael Herrera, who noticed the Paraguayan defender whom he has known for some time, which is why he requested him as his first option to enrich the Monterrey team, ahead of the start of the Closing Tournament 2022.

The count of the facts

From then on, the name of the defender was constantly associated with the team of the “Louse” and even the journalist Jesus Barron assured that Bruno was the coach’s first choice.

“It’s Miguel’s option 1, it must be recognized that Miguel Herrera got the best of him and Viñas, while Solari just couldn’t,” he said after a question from a Club América follower.

The failed negotiation

According to information provided by Halftime, the whole of the North sought Valdez in the past transfer market, but the negotiations did not materialize due to certain economic issues, but they assured that they would look for it in the future.

For its part, the Soy Fútbol portal argued that in 2016, the Paraguayan soccer player cost 3.12 million euros after his arrival at the Eagles, from Cerro Porteno and later, its price increased considerably, reaching 5 million euros.

Why would Miguel Herrera be interested?

During 2021 and after the failure of America at the tournament guardians Y scream mexico of the same year, the directive of Coapa began to manage and analyze the elements of the azulcrema campus and it was determined that Bruno Valdez, He was one of the players who did not have his permanence in the squad assured, due to various injuries and casualties that he registered with the squad, so his future was unknown and uncertain.

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This strengthened the rumors of his possible departure and again it began to be speculated that Herrera I wanted to take him to Monterrey, since he needs a defender with the profile of Valdez and it was thought that Bruno could quickly leave the team to meet up with Michael Herrera, fact that did not happen and to date, has not been raised either.

Valdez’s future

So far, the chances are unknown. Bruno Valdez to leave the club, since the player has a current contract with America until June 2023 and the board has not published or mentioned anything on the subject.

For its part, in Tigres the departure of defender Carlos Salcedo was reported and the feline board must quickly find who can replace him.

Will they look for Valdez again?

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