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SAN DIEGO – Immigrants’ contributions to the San Diego economy are substantial and scammers know this. TELEMUNDO 20 Responde explains how the three most common scams that try to deceive the immigrant population operate.

“I used my card and then they took my money and the truth is that it is frustrating that they rob you like this,” complained María Rivas of National City.

He indicated that he had no idea how the thieves were able to steal his personal data.

For his part, José Torres said that he and his family have been the subject of a fraud that exploits the love and desire to help that many of us have for our families in Mexico.

“They talk and say, hi uncle how are you, I’m your nephew, my mother talks about you all the time and here I am standing in line and they are stopping me because I have more than $ 10,000 and I need you to pay the tax,” Torres said. .

TELEMUNDO 20 Responde spoke to several immigrants and most of them shared similar experiences. We consulted with the San Diego County Attorney’s Office Economic Crimes Unit about the three most common scams in the county. Here they are according to the report they gave us.

The interest on these loans can be too high, some even ask for money in advance to receive what is requested.

Immigration-related scams

Public notaries acting illegally as if they are immigration lawyers or people who promise results, ask for an upfront payment or want to keep your original documents.

Scams of the impostors

These scams typically come to the phone pretending to be a government agency. These can be the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA), among others. They tend to threaten you with arrest or deportation if you don’t pay a fine, or ask you to confirm your identity by asking for your personal information.

grandfather’s scam

Which operates as Torres described it. A so-called family member whom little is known about calls you late at night or early in the morning stating that he has problems with the law or doctors and that he needs your help as soon as possible. They push him to send money so they can get out of trouble and reunite with family.

Torres said he has the perfect answer to stop teasing him.

“To be told that you are a family member or that you are a police officer. If they are lying to you, you lie to them too and with that they hang you. You have to fight fire with fire, “she said.

For its part, the prosecutor’s office has called on victims of fraud to review the resources available to everyone, regardless of immigration status, which include advice, support and investigation.

you can also give Click here or call (888) 400-5530, where you can be contacted if you suspect a scammer has stolen your money or identity. There they have Spanish speaking staff.

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