What Are Bidara Leaves? Herbal Plants That Have Many Health Benefits

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Bidara leaves are herbal plant which has a number of health benefits and properties such as curing hay fever and allergies.

Bidara plants are a type of small tree that is green and has fruit.

The shape of the leaves is pinnate and has leaf bones, similar to lime leaves but smaller in size.

The bidara plant originates from Yunnan Province in southern China to Afghanistan, Malaysia, and Queensland Australia.

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This plant is also known by various regional names, such as in Java this plant is called widara or shortened to become virgin.

Then in Madura it is called bukol, in Bali it is called bekul, in NTT it is called sawu, rote, kom, and kon.

In addition, in Makassar and Bima area, bidara is called rangga.

“Plants known as Chinese apple or Indian plum or jujube are native to Asia,” explained Prof. Dr. Irmanida Batubara, Head of the Center for Tropical Biopharmaca Studies, LPPM IPB.

Arabic bidara leaves have many health benefits (Tribunjualbeli.com)

Health Benefits of Bidara Plants


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