What about medical care for health personnel with COVID-19?


An alarming situation has arisen with the medical attention that is being provided to health professionals who, Unfortunately, they have acquired the coronavirus or are suffering from respiratory problems that can be associated with the virus.

Such was the situation experienced by one of the nurses at the Erasmo Meoz University Hospital in Cúcuta, who According to several complaints through social networks, he was being denied care in a city clinic, due to inconveniences between EPS and ARL.

“It seems that with all the complaints we made they are paying attention to him, but we do not agree with thatBecause she is not the only one and we know that there are other people, including another colleague, and since she is a union member, she cannot denounce, ”said Aristiíes Hernández, regional president of the Association of Health Workers in Cúcuta (Anthoc).

The leader assured that regardless of the hiring that the health center has, either by ARL or EPS, his duty is to serve users, since the Statutory Law recognizes health as a fundamental right and, therefore, patients do not they have to go to the administrative side to obtain any authorization to be treated.

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