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What a funny way to take a motorway exit …

by world today news

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Everything was going well in this video captured by a dashcam, until the driver of this SUV disembarked. He was then in the third row of this wide 4-lane road, but he quickly understood that he was missing the exit.

By the time he realizes it, it is already too late and the right solution would be to wait for the next one. But to understand this, you have to be sane. Which is obviously not the case at all with this driver.

It will then cut everyone’s road, and more particularly a van that hadn’t asked anyone for anything, all so as not to miss its route. Only here, to drive like that, one suffers the consequences. Here, the SUV will violently collide with a traffic sign.

This is also what will make him lose all control and send him to the edge of the road. But be reassured, he did not miss his exit …

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