Whale Song: A Nostalgic Journey Through Youth and Love

Two years ago, the idea of ​​the main character looking back in the past in order to draw conclusions about the present and the potential future, developed and – as the creative group of the production gradually joined more and more new people – transformed to the result it is now. Playwright Ance Muižniece, artist Līga Zepa, composer Stanislavs Kulikovs and lighting artist Uldis Andersons took part in the production of the play.

“This idea should have become more personal,” adds the director. Together with his colleagues, he has moved to the nineties, which the playwright called the golden age of plastic and pop music, in which her youth, as well as that of other people involved in the process, passed. The main (and only) character in the production Whale song played by Pēteris Galviņš, who played the role of Wendel. The young musician looks back from the position of an adult man to the confusing and first-time feelings of his youth, which formed the basis for his life’s longings and passions.

Rudolph Apse draws attention to the fact that this show consists of two layers of the story, which overlap from time to time. “One of them is Wendell’s memories and reflections on the past, which focus on Laura, whom he met in his youth and spent three summers together,” reveals the director. On the other hand, the second layer of the story is about the main character himself – nowadays, when he turns to his undreamed-of dream of becoming a musician, tries to find his lost girlfriend and help fulfill her dream as well, drawing people’s attention to the climate crisis. “The main thing is Wendel’s unconscious or perhaps conscious urge to take care of his loved ones and not let them go for unreasonable, stupid reasons,” emphasizes Rudolph Apse.

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His production Whale song can be watched on June 3 at 19.00 in the temporary home of the Latvian Puppet Theater in the Fireplace Hall of the Latvian Society of Riga. Tickets are available for purchase Ticket paradises in the network. Next season Whale song will return to the repertoire of the Latvian Puppet Theater together with other performances.

In more detail – www.lelluteatris.lv.

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