Western Military Alliance Building in Brussels Faces Space Crunch with Expanding Membership

Inaugurated in 2018, the Western Military Alliance Building in Brussels is becoming too small to accommodate future member delegations, NATO diplomats said.

“Finland’s transition to NATO headquarters will be completed in the coming weeks and months. This also applies to Sweden if it joins NATO as a full member,” said an official representative of the alliance.

But the problem is, as the newspaper notes, that none of these delegations will fit in the current building. The alliance envisaged expansion in the distant future, the general idea being to build an additional wing at the new headquarters when the time was right.

However, Finland joined NATO in less than 12 months, Sweden also intends to become a member of the alliance in the near future, and the potential entry of Ukraine and Georgia in the near future is not excluded.

According to the publication, the administration is considering the possibility of building an additional facility on the territory of the NATO military camp, designed to accommodate international staff and agencies. This is considered only a temporary solution, but its rapid implementation is intended to address urgent needs.

2023-06-06 05:11:47
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