Western artillery supplies to Ukraine will change the war

The use of various Western artillery pieces is expected to hasten the tactical transition on both sides to the use of so-called counter-battery fire.

Western supplies artillerygoing to Ukraine will change the war with Russia.

Writes about it The Washington Post with reference to military analysts and official representatives of the American authorities.

US and Canadian howitzers bound for Ukraine are towed on trailers, while systems laid down by France, known as CAESAR self-propelled howitzers, fire the same 155mm explosive rounds from the back of a truck chassis.

The United States alone has already promised Zelensky about 190,000 artillery shells plus 90 howitzers to fire them.

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The use of various Western artillery pieces is expected to hasten both sides’ tactical transition to using so-called counter-battery fire, in which military forces seek out enemy artillery, locate it and attack, analysts say.

“Your goal is to find enemy artillery, lock on and destroy. That’s the essence of targeting. As soon as the counter-battery fight starts, you shoot and run. You don’t linger and allow yourself to be a target,” said George Flynn, a retired three-star general in the Marine Corps and a former artillery officer.

“The problem that Ukraine and its Western allies would like to impose on the Russians is that they never have the confidence that a headquarters, a key ammunition depot or an important group of firing platforms can be stationary for a very long time,” – said Scott Boston, a former US Army field artillery officer who studies the Russian military for Rand Corp.

Artillery units are often camouflaged with camouflage or other forms of cover and may require a combination of reconnaissance, drones and radar to detect them. It is for this that the West provides Ukraine with drones and anti-battery radars.

Mark Kanchian, a retired Marine colonel who studies war for the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, believes that Ukraine will receive multiple launch rocket artillery from the US, such as the M142 HIMARS precision-guided, highly mobile artillery missile system used by the US Army and Marine Corps. . Such weapons fire projectiles quickly, which is useful when firing at enemy artillery forces before they change location.

“M777 is a great example of how allies with this capability can come together and respond to Ukraine’s urgent need,” said Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand. “And it’s a model that we will continue to use in the future.”

Earlier, UNIAN told what you need to know about CAESAR, PzH 2000, HIMARS i M777.

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