West Manggarai Health Bureau is calling on the community to activate 3M to suppress dengue cases

Nusantaratv.comHealth Bureau of West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara has requested the community especially in Komodo District to actively eradicate the mosquito nests through the Drain, Close and Bury (3M) movement to suppress the rising cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in the area.

“Of the 94 cases of DHF as of Nov. 22, 2022, 77 cases occurred in the Komodo district. This is the highest,” said the head of the disease prevention and control division at the Komodo district health bureau. West Manggarai, Francis Dulla Kurniawan Gibbons in Labuan Bajo. , Monday.

As an area that has the highest number of DHF cases, West Manggarai Health Bureau is also actively mobilizing resources to eradicate mosquito nests (PAN).

Various educational and socialization activities continue to take place, expanding the offer of the abbot powder.

Francis said PSN 3M was the most effective step in reducing the rise in dengue cases if done correctly.

The community must drain the water tanks at least once a week and seal them tightly.

Also, the community should bury and/or recycle used goods, so use screens, mosquito repellent, screen windows/fans and not hang clothes.

“The community has been educated not to act on their own, such as self-administering medicine if there are initial symptoms in the form of a high fever. Make sure they go directly to a health facility,” he added.

As for fogging efforts, Francis said this method was the final step to take. However, fogging should be done centrally or only in areas that are the locus of spread risk.

“The movement starts in December,” he said.

Meanwhile, West Manggarai Vice Regent Yulianus Weng stressed the importance of environmental cleanup to prevent the spread of DHF, especially during the rainy season.

If people keep their environment clean, the spread of the dengue virus can be minimized.

“If the environment is clean, the mosquitoes will definitely be away and we will be free from dengue fever,” he said.

West Manggarai Health Bureau recorded a total of 549 dengue fever cases from January to November 22, 2022. Also, there was an increase in dengue cases from August 2022 to November 22, 2022.

A total of 30 DHF cases occurred in August 2022, rose to 42 cases in September, then climbed back to 65 cases in October 2022.

The highest average of DHF cases occur in the adolescent to adult age group and there have been no cases of death due to DHF in West Manggarai.(Ant)

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