West Java Records 36 Serious Incidents After Covid-19 Vaccination

TEMPO.CO, Bandung – A teacher in Sukabumi who was hospitalized due to temporary paralysis was not the only case of Post-Immunization Bonding Covid-19 which is classified as serious. The West Java Covid-19 Handling Task Force has collected 36 cases of serious or moderate AEFI from its territory to date.

Head of the Health Management Division at the West Java Covid-19 Task Force, Marion Siagian, explained follow-up events post-immunization classified as serious if the recipient of the vaccine has to undergo treatment in the hospital. As experienced by an SA teacher, 31 years old, in Sukabumi who was later diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS).

“Ibu SA is the most recent case, hopefully there will be no more for moderate to severe AEFIs,” Marion said in an online press conference with the West Java KIPI Regional Commission, Monday, May 3, 2021.

As is the case with SA, all 35 cases of serious adverse events that were reported were examined and it was confirmed that they were not directly caused by vaccination Covid-19. Others such as diarrhea and vomiting, some even fell unconscious.

A member of the West Java KIPI Regional Commission, Rodman Tarigan, revealed that the results of the examination of many cases showed symptoms of anxiety before the injection of the vaccine, causing these follow-up events. “Maybe because they heard the Covid-19 hoaxes,” he said, adding, “After being treated they were healthy again.”

The head of the West Java KIPI Regional Commission, Kusnandi Rusmil, said that there were entirely two types of co-occurrences for the Covid-19 vaccine. The first is related to vaccines, the second is not because of vaccines. In the first group, he mentioned fever, pain at the injection site, then swelling. There are 107 reports of such incidents that have been received by Kusnandi et al.

Meanwhile, those who are not due to vaccines, for example, have had the wrong injection and the vaccines have been mixed up. “So far, I have never met KIPI because of the wrong injection, mostly individual reactions have occurred,” said the Professor of Pediatric Medicine at Padjadjaran University.

Kusnandi said, less than 5 percent of the population showed side reactions due to vaccine administration, and it was generally mild. “Serious cases are very, very rare. For example, we have immunized one million people, the theoretical weight is only one,” said the head of the vaccine clinical trial research team. Covid-19 Sinovac in Bandung.

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