West Ham scores Marcelo Bielsa

West Ham did not start the season well at all and David Moyes’ continuity is not assured at the moment. The Hammers were one of the teams they spent the most money on last summer 182 million euros invested and today occupy positions of descent in League Championship.

To date, the sports management has maintained their confidence in the Scottish coach, but if he does not win this weekend against the Wolves, he could leave his position to make room for another manager.

According to the information we have in TodoFichajes, West Ham has been in contact with Marcelo Bielsa to find out his willingness to take charge of the team. The Argentinian has been unemployed since he was stripped of his Leeds United post last February and are now looking to him to straighten the course of the team.

In general, the former Bilbao player is not in favor of landing on the bench mid-season, in fact he has just rejected Santos for this reason, but the idea of ​​returning to the Premier could work in favor of Martelli.

In any case, they only made a provisional maneuver from London and we will have to see how this weekend’s match will be resolved.

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