West Ham Includes Eve Vorley, Former Adult Film Actress, On Board | Sports Premier League

West Ham United has in its directive Eve Vorleywho was a few years ago actress and producer of who for Adults, who is also a partner of the team co-chair of the Premier League, David Sullivan.

English media released the news of the appointment of Eve Vorley from this 2020-21 season of the Premier League, where her children also have positions within the club.

The London club has appointed as director of the board Emma Benton-Hughes, her real name, in addition to that on several occasions she has been seen and photographed at the Olympic Stadium in London to see a game of the ‘Hammers’.

Eve Vorley was not the only one added to be part of the club by David Sullivan, since he also got positions for his son, Dave Sullivan Jr. on the board, while his other son, Jack Sullivan, is in charge of the direction of the women’s team.

With the passage of time, celebrities have managed to enter the sports industry, either as shareholders or owners, as happened recently with Ryan Reynolds, or in a position on the board.

He West Ham, who is currently in tenth position in the Premier League, will have in the figure of Eve Vorley one of the people who are vital in the decisions made at the London club.

At 55, the London-born has carved a niche for herself in the world of soccer after being quite well known directing and starring in the late 90s and 2000s. a series of adult cinema films.

David Sullivan and Emma Benton-Hugues met when he began to invest in companies dedicated to pornography, entering the industry fully, and meeting his current wife in the 2000s, early 21st century.

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