West Coast and Hawaii: North Korea’s missile test triggered brief flight stop in the US

North Korea’s missile tests have had repercussions in the United States. The authorities on the west coast imposed a flight stop for 15 minutes.

Self-declared nuclear power North Korea once again caused concern in the rest of the world earlier this week after the regime conducted a test with a hypersonic missile. In theory, these could also transport nuclear weapons. According to South Korea, it fell into the Sea of ​​Japan. But the test had effects as far away as the USA.

As various US media reports, the aviation authority FAA imposed a so-called ground stop for airports on the west coast and in Hawaii for around 15 minutes. According to the broadcaster CBS, airports from Seattle to San Diego and from Las Vegas to Honolulu were affected.

staff confusion

The staff was confused by the measure. “Is it a safety issue, or do we know anything?” a San Diego pilot asked, according to an air traffic control recording quoted by CBS. “To be honest, I didn’t receive any information at this point,” an air traffic controller replied.

The FAA confirmed to the Politico portal that the ground stop was a “pure precautionary measure”. The North American Aerospace Defense Command, which monitors airspace over the United States and Canada, said it did not issue an alert to the FAA to order the ground stop.


According to Politico sources, the FAA made the decision before assessing the threat and was “hyper-cautious.” It would be better to be too cautious if that means that the airspace is safe at all times, the portal quoted Minister of Transport Pete Buttigieg as saying.


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