West African leaders plan to form a peacekeeping force to thwart coups

The leaders of West African countries have announced that they will “form a peacekeeping force to intervene to help restore security and constitutional order in countries in the region that have witnessed several coups over the past two years.” “.

The West and Central African region has made great strides over the past decade with the aim of shedding its stigma as a “coup belt”, but the Economic Community of West African States “ECOWAS” wants to do more to strengthen constitutional government in its member states.

The leaders said in a statement after an annual summit in the Nigerian capital Abuja: “The leaders of the Economic Community of West African States have agreed to restore our security structure to ensure our ability to maintain our security in the region.” .

“Leaders are determined to build a force in the region that will intervene when necessary, both in the fields of security and terrorism, to restore constitutional order within member states,” the statement added.

ECOWAS did not provide details on how the force would be organized, but said defense chiefs would meet next month to determine how it would work.

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