Werder shows clear edge against FPÖ

Bundesliga club SV Werder Bremen showed a clear edge against the Austrian FPÖ on Twitter. Because the right-wing populist party in the Zillertal parked a trailer with election advertising next to the training grounds of the newly promoted Bundesliga club, the north Germans wrote on their official Twitter account: “We feel so much at home here that we also stand up for it in the Zillertal: Clear edge against Nazis.” In addition, the tweet was provided with hashtags such as #notoracism or #neighbors can’t choose. FPÖ politicians reacted to this with wild insults. Vienna’s FPÖ press spokesman Leo Kohlbauer described Werder Bremen as “left-wing filthy Piefkes”. Tyrol’s FPÖ leader Markus Abwerzger as “hollow heads”.

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