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Neymar stole my party!

The relief was great!

In 5-1 against Gladbach, Werder’s Marvin Ducksch (28) scored his first goal of the season and also his first goal after 811 unsuccessful minutes in the Bundesliga during the season.

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Ducksch then celebrated the goal with a goal celebration, which in fact makes it unmistakable: the striker celebrates his every goal with his hands and tongue outstretched.

But more recently, Brazilian star Neymar has been seen with the same delight again and again with the PSG shirt. Fans have pointed this out to Ducksch on Instagram multiple times. And he now replies in a comment: “Neymar stole it”.

He calls it the jubilant clown: PSG star Neymar

He calls it the jubilant clown: PSG star Neymar

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Ducksch on Instagram: Neymar stole my party!

It is not known what Neymar’s gesture represents. In Ducksch, on the other hand, jubilation has a serious background. It serves as a sign of a good friend who supported the Werder striker at a difficult time in his career and made him laugh several times with his hands and tongue sticking out of him.

sport/fussball/fussball/werder-bremen-der-kosmos-des-torjaegers-so-tickt-marvin-ducksch-79174282.bild.html" class="text-link"> Ducksch 2021 in the BILD interview: “At the time I was even thinking about the end of my career …”

We can no longer talk about this. Ducksch is currently leading the Bundesliga standings with five assists.

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