Werder Bremen: Florian Kohfeldt belies his critics!

Bremen – Suddenly he was gone. Florian Kohfeldt immediately fled after the final whistle. The SV Werder Bremen coach did not want to celebrate the important 1: 0 (1: 0) win in the ghost game at SC Freiburg on the pitch.

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Even later in the video press conference there was no euphoric Florian Kohfeldtwho this Sign of life of SV Werder Bremen garnished with a smile on his face in the relegation battle. He would have had every reason to do so, because the 37-year-old had shown it to everyone – especially his Critics. But Kohfeldt did not want to and could not enjoy this moment in front of the public for several reasons.

First of all from “self-protection”, as he said with reference to the corona pandemic: “I would have liked to take one or the other player in my arms after the final whistle, but I am not allowed to do that at the moment. We are still in one Exceptional situation. That’s why I went in, sat in my chair and was happy there. ”But not anymore.

Werder Bremen: It’s not about Frank Baumann and Florian Kohfeldt, but about relegation

Because the coach des wanted personal satisfaction after the criticism in the media – especially from Werder legends like Rune Bratseth and Dieter Burdenski SV Werder Bremen know absolutely nothing. “It’s not about me,” affirmed Florian Kohfeldt and took the one that was also criticized Sports director Frank Baumann immediately on board: “It’s not about Frank either. It’s just that we do everything we can to keep the club in the league. ”

The Bremen 1-4 home bust at the restart of the Bundesliga had, however, fueled doubts that Kohfeldt and his team had the Relegation can still create. “We felt like we were gone in public perception since Monday,” the coach admitted: “But we didn’t want to endure it. The boys showed that we want to stay in the league. “

Werder Bremen: Florian Kohfeldt’s announcement bears fruit

No wonder he had them in his memorable press conference on Friday Gun placed on the chest, almost put the famous last cartridge of a trainer in the magazine to prevent it from going out. If they, the players, didn’t follow him now and give everything, then they would have to get along without him, so the obvious interpretation.

And anyone who knows Kohfeldt knows that he is planning such moments. And who the Bite the player in the Black Forest Stadium saw, he knew immediately: Kohfeldt’s appearance had had an effect. But he didn’t want to claim this episode for himself. “I don’t think that my press conference has anything to do with today’s performance,” said Kohfeldt, adding a smug comment: “We’re not analyzing my press conferences at the players’ meetings. We analyze football. “

Werder Bremen: Emotionality “must be the basis for the next few weeks”

And the trainer was primarily concerned with one thing: “the fight mode“. This time, the players would not only have spoken of it before the game, but would also have followed up. “It wasn’t 99, it was 101 percent emotions. That has to be the basis for the next few weeks, ”Kohfeldt demanded and wished that football would also improve.

The first half hour is a template. Werder withstood the initial pressure of the table seventh without just throwing the balls out as against Leverkusen. Werder Bremen wanted to be active, like in the 19th minute: Marco Friedl won the ball, Davy Klaassen served with a sugar pass Leonardo Bittencourtwho in turn executed ice cold. Afterwards, the guests even determined the game until midfielder Kevin Vogt had to go down due to injury.

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Werder Bremen wins game at SC Freiburg via “fight mode”

From this point on, it was above all a lot of struggle with which the Bremen rescued the narrow lead to the finish. And everyone, really everyone participated. Florian Kohfeldt the soul cried out, verbally helping with almost every action. The substitute bench moved to the stands in the corona crisis became the east curve, so loudly the players who were replaced and not substituted, as well as the whole supervisory staff including the doctor, were thrilled. And they would probably have burst into tears if the video assistant had not withdrawn the Freiburg equalizer shortly before the end. This gate would be so characteristic of this Bankruptcy, bad luck and breakdown season been.

“The relief is very great,” Kohfeldt admitted after the final whistle and explained: “It is simply something different if you need the points to survive than if you are in the secure midfield.” just the “first step” to staying in the class the joy was rather sparse. And the next task is also not long in coming. Borussia Mönchengladbach will be coming to the Weserstadion on Tuesday – and against the Champions League contender you need this new kind of fight again Fight mode made by Florian Kohfeldt. (knee)

As of May 21, 2020:

Now Florian Kohfeldt shoots back: Werder coach buttoned up his critics

Although criticism of him is growing and getting louder, Florian Kohfeldt categorically excludes voluntary resignation. “No, I don’t think about that,” said the SV Werder Bremen coach on Friday in a video press conference before the game at SC Freiburg (Saturday, 3:30 p.m.), in which he reacted very emotionally to publicly expressed demands for his expulsion.

“I say it clearly: It really hurtswhat is partially written there. It hurts to be criticized via the media by people who are otherwise very friendly and jovial, but who don’t take responsibility themselves, ”explained Florian Kohfeldt and becomes Bremen ex-professionals like Rune Bratseth and Dieter Burdenski have meant the more or less clearly a separation from the once hyped trainer of the SV Werder Bremen had requested. But this separation will not (for the time being?)

Sports director Frank Baumann continues to hold on to Kohfeldt, and the coach himself apparently only superficially lost self-confidence despite 17th place in the table and an unprecedented weakness at home. At the beginning of the media round, the 37-year-old still looked unsettled, stricken. But then he unpacked the big tool again to make it clear that he Werder Bremen to the Relegation will lead. “I still have the feeling that I’m fighting for this club. And I have the feeling that I am still the best in this position at the moment, ”explained Florian Kohfeldt.

Werder Bremen: criticism of trainer leads to reaction of defiance at Florian Kohfeldt – “will show everyone”

Opinions on whether he really is in the Bremen fan world have long diverged. For some Florian Kohfeldt darling, for the others he has long been a symbolic figure of doom. Eloquent and personable, but unsuccessful. The results and the standings of SV Werder Bremen before the guest appearance at SC Freiburg are facts that nobody can discuss. Kohfeldt, of course, does not either, he says for the umpteenth time that it is a “shitty season” that he and the team deliver. But he can be don’t make a defenseless scapegoat.

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“One very important aspect is this: we, the management and I, assume responsibility. And we also take responsibility if it is not enough in the end – definitely. That should also be recognized, ”said Florian Kohfeldt, lamented a “lower inhibition in reporting” and swung the moral club against the critics: “To accuse us of letting everything go, that there is no fire, I feel that Impudence. It hurts a lot, but it encourages a certain form of defiance for me. ”A defiance that has shaped this will in him:“ I will show it to everyone anyway. ”Strong words from a coach who is losing strength.

Werder Bremen: no resignation! Florian Kohfeldt defends himself against allegations of inaction

Everything he would do – even in the club for 20 years – was done in the interests of the club, Kohfeldt emphasized. But: “If someone else – the team or the management – had the feeling that it wasn’t, then I know that they would tell me too. Then I would also be the one in the sense of Werder Bremen would decide. ”Means: Then maybe there would be that resignationwhich he still excludes.

It is noisy that it could also be carried out for “private reasons”, as he himself noted Florian Kohfeldt, who is firmly rooted in Bremen with his family, not impossible. Then when the pressure on everyone gets too great. “But this point has not yet been reached,” he said. (csa)

More news about SV Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen against SC Freiburg in the live ticker can be found here.

As of May 21, 2020:

Not only Rune Bratseth demands Aus from Florian Kohfeldt at Werder Bremen

Ironically, Rune Bratseth: The Legend of SV Werder Bremen, who is not only considered extremely level-headed, but is also a very good friend of supervisory board chairman Marco Bode, has one for his ex-club Separation from trainer Florian Kohfeldt recommended.

“That should have been his last game,” the 59-year-old said after the 1-4 defeat against Leverkusen on Norwegian television and later explained in “kicker”: “I don’t want to get involved in club politics, but I don’t think so that a turnaround will still be possible in this constellation. “Die DeichStube has asked other former SV Werder Bremen stars like Dieter Burdenski what they think of Rune Bratseths Make statements and how they assess the situation.

Dieter Burdenski (honorary captain at Werder Bremen):

“Whether Rune or I say something, it doesn’t matter, they do their thing with Werder anyway. That’s what they get paid for, but in the end they need theirs Hold your head out. You just have to look at the table and the last games, or look up when your last home win was, or see what has changed – then you actually know everything and don’t have to say anything anymore. ”

Jonny Otten (legend of SV Werder Bremen):

“Rune has a feeling like that. I had hoped so much that we would see a new team after the break – and then came the disappointment against Leverkusen. I don’t want to ask that Coach released I am not entitled to this, there are those responsible in our association. But I finally want someone to click our players, how to is fighting against relegation. I want to see guys on the field who are as businesslike as the Bender from Leverkusen. I have already stayed with Werder and can only recommend: Do everything to prevent it from happening! ”

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Naldo (ex-star of SV Werder Bremen):

“I was shocked by the performance the eleven had delivered. So I’m really worried. The comments after the game also irritated me. It stays with Nice talk of this poor performance. That doesn’t help. If coach Kohfeldt’s head is challenged, it shows how dramatic the situation is now. I think Kohfeldt is a good coach, but he has to make a difference now, he has to be on the team in this one Relegation battle act and adjust them better mentally. Changing coaches at this time is not easy. Therefore with all reservations: Florian Kohfeldt should stay better. “

Ivan Klasnic (ex-star of SV Werder Bremen):

“The trainer is always pilloried. The players should touch their own noses. The Game against Leverkusen was a shame, a bankruptcy declaration by the professionals. Nothing has changed! Always the same mistakes in defense behavior and especially in standard situations. If a Coach change is appropriate? Hard to say. If Kohfeldt is now on leave, where is the possible alternative? I don’t see a suitable fireman. My appeal to the troops: strap on the biggest tunnels and finally fight them descent. (kni / hgk)

Regarding the last message from May 20, 2020:

Werder legend Rune Bratseth: “That should have been Florian Kohfeldt’s last game”

It stood for this very special mixture of elegance and toughness, of inner calm and outer speed – and still enjoys cult status among fans of Werder Bremen: Rune Bratseth. The legend has now spoken in the crisis and says: Florian Kohfeldt has to go.

Between 1987 and 1994 the defender from Norway completed 319 competitive games for green and white, was with Werder Bremen two German champions, two DFB cup winners and won the European Cup Winners’ Cup – Rune Bratseth, a heavyweight in club history. The 59-year-old is still closely following the appearances of his ex-club today – and is very worried. After the 1-4 against Bayer Leverkusen, Bratseth even spoke out on Norwegian television for a separation from head coach Florian Kohfeldt: “That should have been his last game.”

SV Werder Bremen head coach Florian Kohfeldt is stuck in the crisis. Now Rune Bratseth, the first well-known ex-professional, has spoken out publicly against the coach Kohfeldt.

© gumzmedia / nordphoto

Werder Bremen legend Rune Bratseth advocates separation from coach Florian Kohfeldt

Rune Bratseth has long worked as a TV expert for the channel “Viasat”, for which he also played the Bremen Bundesliga match on Monday Bayer Leverkusen analyzed. What he saw during the 90 minutes in the empty Weser Stadium did not please the man who used to be nicknamed “Elch” in Bremen. The defensive performance in particular shocked the former defender, she was even “Even worse” than before the long break been.

Had Werder Bremen So far the last place in the goal conceded statistics with Fortuna Dusseldorf, the team has held it alone since Monday evening with 59 goals. Knows that it will be difficult to stay in the league, not least because of this Rune Bratseth, who apparently considers a change on the coaching bench to be the last option left. By the way, the Norwegian is the first well-known ex-professional to speak out publicly against Florian Kohfeldt. (dco)

Rubric list image: © AFP

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