Well-known Neuss restaurant Bohai Hafenbrasserie insolvent

Attorney Dr. Dirk Hammes was appointed provisional insolvency administrator for the assets of Hafenspelunke GmbH, operator of the Bohai Hafenbrasserie in Neuss harbor.

The Düsseldorf District Court has ordered insolvency proceedings to be initiated against the assets of Hafenspelunke GmbH, the operator of the well-known Bohai Hafenbrasserie restaurant in Neuss harbor. The provisional insolvency administrator was Dr. Dirk Hammes (Hammes. Insolvency Administrator GbR, Duisburg / Neuss) appointed.

“The Bohai Hafenbrasserie has made a name for itself as an upscale dining restaurant and event location for weddings, birthday parties and more. The event business collapsed almost completely due to the corona pandemic. In addition, companies in the area that have held regular business meals with business partners on site have drastically reduced bookings. And of course the lockdown lasting several weeks and the general reluctance of the guests due to the official regulations in the catering industry led to a significant decline in sales. According to the information, this is also the cause of the insolvency “explains Dr. Dirk Hammes.

Seven employees and two trainees are affected by the insolvency due to insolvency. The employment relationships have not been terminated and, according to information, the wages have been paid in full up to and including September 2020. The employees have willingly agreed to continue working in the event that wages are paid on time. To ensure this, the provisional insolvency administrator, with the consent of the Federal Employment Agency, pre-finances the employees’ insolvency claims for the period from October to December 2020.

Dr. Dirk Hammes is currently examining all options to continue operations. He has already discussed with the shareholders about the economic situation of the company as well as the measures and modalities required to continue business operations. “Whether and in what form a long-term continuation solution can be implemented will be clarified in the next few weeks. The shareholders have generally indicated an increased interest in the company’s continued existence. Business operations will initially continue at least until the end of the year, although this will of course be made considerably more complicated due to the restrictions that will apply from the beginning of November as a result of the pandemic development. The plan is to resume the out-of-home service. “ In this context, the lawyer criticizes the recent closings of catering establishments and other companies to contain the new infections as disproportionate and unsuitable. Gastronomy in particular has not turned out to be a source of infection.

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About hammes. Insolvency administrator GbR

hammes. Insolvenzverwalter GbR with headquarters in Duisburg and four other locations in North Rhine-Westphalia is a law firm primarily active in the area of ​​insolvency administration with 55 highly qualified and interdisciplinary employees. Hammes is run. by lawyer and business economist Dr. Dirk Hammes and lawyer Mark Steh. As one of the leading insolvency administration firms in North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany, hammes understands. The insolvency administration as a second chance for an orderly new start for companies and natural persons in a crisis. Main focus of hammes’ activities. is the continuation and restructuring of the insolvent or threatened company with the aim of preserving the restructured company with all associated assets and thus as many jobs as possible in the long term. Hammes has particular expertise. in the case of criminal bankruptcies. The uncovering of asset shifts and balance sheet manipulation is followed by a consistent approach against the perpetrators. Hammes strives to comply with the requirements of the bankruptcy code. in all cases to satisfy the creditors’ interests as best as possible. Additional Information: www.rae-hammes.de

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Image source: hammes. – Lawyer and graduate in business administration Dr. Dirk Hammes is the eponymous partner of the Duisburg law firm hammes, which is primarily active in insolvency administration.

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