Well-known Dutch people revolt against corona measures …

A number of well-known Dutch people promise ‘not to shut up anymore’. With the hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee, they call for symbolic resistance against the corona measures. The campaign has been fiercely criticized and comes at a time when the Netherlands is struggling with rapidly rising figures.

Under the hasthag #ikdoenietmeermee, a number of well-known Dutch people are protesting against the corona measures. Rapper and model Famke Louise and singers Tim Douwsma and Thomas Berge, among others, posted a similar video on their Instagram page. In it, they address the viewer directly: ‘Only together can we regain control of the government. I no longer participate. Free the people.’

“We are no longer keeping our mouths shut,” the stars write in the caption. They are probably referring to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who had said in a response to cheering football supporters that they ‘just had to shut up’. They also explain their concerns, which shows a great mistrust of the official authorities. ‘Our elderly are being forgotten, our economy is on the verge of collapse, human behavior is being punished,’ it says.

According to the Dutch, there is a lack of ‘honesty and transparency’. That is why they demand ‘clarity’ and answers to a series of questions, such as the usefulness of non-medical mouth masks and the desired distance of 1.5 meters. They also hope to find out ‘why critical doctors are gagged.’

Strong criticism

Fans react especially negatively in the responses to their call. ‘Easy to say if you are young, healthy and prosperous’, it sounds in a post by rapper Bizzey. The appeal is also not well received by other famous Dutch people. Presenter Tim Hofman insinuates on Twitter that their business is for monetary gain rather than genuine concern. Actress Halina Reijn responds to Famke Louise that ‘this is the most selfish thing you can do’. It also sounds judgmental from a political angle. Klaas Dijkhoff, party chairman of the VVD, let us know Twitter know that “the virus is not a game you can quit for a while.” And also Pvda leader Lodewijk Asscher calls the action through his own Instagram page ‘completely wrong’.

‘Criticism is fine’, Asscher says, but he mainly questions the way the stars use their platform. That platform is indeed not small: rappers Famke Louise and Bizzey each have 1 million followers, Tim Douwsma has 151,000 and Thomas Berge 78,500. There is also support to be read between the negative reactions.

Rising numbers

The Netherlands, like Belgium, is currently struggling with rapidly increasing figures. More than 2,000 new infections were first detected in the past 24 hours. The virus is circulating strongly in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in particular. On Friday, the country placed six regions at ‘risk level 2’ and ordered cafes to close at midnight. ‘This is a rotten time for young people. But I say honestly: maybe we need to go a step further, “Prime Minister Mark Rutte said at the press conference at the time.


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