“Welcome to Bek” is the first Israeli-Emirati musical collaboration that exceeds one million views

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The number of viewers for the song “Hello Beik”, shared between the Israeli singer Elcano Martziano and the Emirati Walid Al Jasem, which was filmed by default between Dubai and Tel Aviv, has reached one million.

Jerusalem: The scenes of the song “Hello Beik”, which brought together Israeli singer Elcano Martiziano and Emirati Walid Al Jassem, are spreading between Dubai and Tel Aviv, exceeding the million viewers’ barrier since its release at the end of September.

In Arabic, Hebrew and English, the singers perform vocalizations, and Al Jasem, who wears the traditional Emirati dress in white, addresses Marziano welcoming the words “Welcome, Peace and Welcome.”

Laird Martziano, wearing big sunglasses, “Hello, thank you, and welcome.”

The filmed work with cinematography appeared to be an invitation to travel between the two countries.

On August 13, Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced the normalization of relations between them, making it the third Arab country to do so after Egypt (1979) and Jordan (1994).

On August 31, the first direct commercial flight between the two countries took off from Ben Gurion International Airport, near Tel Aviv, with a joint American-Israeli delegation on board.

In mid-September, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed two agreements to normalize relations with the UAE and Bahrain at the White House.

The Palestinians condemned the Gulf deals, describing them as a “stab in the back,” especially since they came before a solution to the Palestinian issue, which was considered a condition for establishing any relationship with the Hebrew state.

And it brings together Israel and the Emirates for the figs that have not fought a war against each other, a common enemy and a major strategic threat represented by Iran.

Prior to the announcement of the normalization of relations between them, secret relations and joint projects, some Israeli companies even announced agreements with the Gulf state on conducting research to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

On September 8, the National Bank of Dubai, the largest banking institution in the emirate, signed a memorandum of understanding with Bank “Hapoalim” as the largest bank in Israel.

In late September, Israeli player Zia signed a contract to join the Emirati team Al-Nasr as the first Israeli footballer to make such a move.

One fan views the song as a “hit.” “With this song, it is possible to appeal to the new Middle East,” he says in a comment he included at the bottom of the song posted on YouTube.

In addition to the encouraging and blessing comments of the two, the comments of those opposed to the Israeli-Emirati rapprochement, who showed support for Palestine and a feeling of “disgust.”

Historic moment

The song’s lyrics and melodies are signed by Doron Medley, who is the author of the song “Toi” by Israeli singer Nita Barzilai, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018.

“The idea arose with my business manager, Gilad Masami, after the peace agreement was announced,” Martziano, the winner of the Israeli version of the “The Voice” program, told AFP.

“This is a historic moment,” added the 28-year-old Israeli singer, who speaks Arabic.

He points out that peace is a constant topic covered by popular songs in Israel.

But he thinks that this time it is different and “more durable”.

According to Martziano, who says that he communicated with Al Jasem through the “Zoom” technology, “Welcome to Bek” was recorded remotely, in both Dubai and Israel, but the scenes were collected in Tel Aviv.

“The understanding was fast,” he says.

Martziano sees music as a bridge between peoples, and considers that the communication of Israelis and Emiratis with each other through his YouTube account is his “personal success”.

He said that a joint “concert” was being planned with Al-Jasem, but that no date had been set yet due to the restrictions imposed by the spread of the Corona virus.


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