Wei Zhen and Zhu Chenjie shine as the national football team’s homegrown roster secures a scoreless draw against New Zealand.

Original title: The pure local lineup of the national football team drew 0-0 with New Zealand Wei Zhen and Zhu Chenjie performed well

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On the afternoon of March 23, Beijing time, under the leadership of Jankovic, the Chinese men’s national football team played an away game with the New Zealand men’s national football team for an international warm-up match. In this game, the Chinese men’s football team did not use any naturalized players to help out. The whole team uses a purely local lineup to face the opponent. Among them, Wei Zhuchenjie, a 99-year-old player, and Wei Zhen, a 97-year-old player, started as central defenders and performed well. The national football team did not allow the opponent to score a goal. Moreover, players such as Wu Lei and Wei Shihao also created many offensive and shooting threats. The Chinese men’s football team finally drew with the New Zealand team with a score of 0-0.

In this match between the Chinese team and the New Zealand team, the excellent domestic midfielder Wu Xi performed very hard on the court. Wu Xi, who was born in 1989, is now 34 years old, but he is still working hard for the national football team. And in this game against the New Zealand team, he became the best player of the Chinese team. He scored 7.8 points, scoring second only to the New Zealand goalkeeper’s 8.8 points.

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In addition, we are concerned about this game. The offensive ability of Wu Lei and Wei Shihao is obviously very good. Wei Shihao made threatening shots in the 30th and 45th minutes of the first half. But one shot was high. Another time was saved by the goalkeeper. On the other hand, Wu Lei launched many threatening attacks with his teammates in this game and had 3 shots. It can be said that it is the absolute main force of the national football team. He showed the level of fighting he had in La Liga. Wu Lei was rated 6.6 points after the game. Actually Wu Lei should have scored more.

If Wu Lei’s 6.6 points are used as the standard, it is obvious that our defensive players performed better. The 95-year-old player Liu Yang, the 99-year-old Zhu Chengjie and the 97-year-old Wei Zhen performed very well in defense. They are also doing their best to fight for the main position. Wei Zhen scored 7.3 points, Zhu Chenjie scored 7.1 points, and Liu Yang scored 7.4 points. With the help of veteran Zhang Linpeng, these three excellent defensive players have done a very good job of defending and creating offside tactics. This made the New Zealand pair fail to score a goal.

Throughout the game, the Chinese team had 15 shots. The opponent had only 11 shots. Especially throughout the first half, the Chinese team took advantage of the overwhelming momentum and played against their opponents, showing a tenacious fighting spirit. In terms of fighting spirit, it also reflects the new mental outlook of the national football team after Jankovic coached. The characteristic of Jankovic’s coaching is to make strict demands on the players. Including that the body fat rate should not exceed 10% and all players will practice extra in addition to daily training. In terms of preparing for the New Zealand team’s game, all the players did not stop, but were undergoing high-intensity training no matter at home or in New Zealand.

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This warm-up match with the New Zealand team showed the tenacious fighting spirit of the national football team. Although we failed to win, we created many threatening attacks and shots throughout the game. Believe that a good start is half the battle. The national football team will also start another warm-up match with the New Zealand team on March 26. Not only that, the warm-up match between the national football team and the New Zealand team is the beginning of the national football team’s overseas training to obtain high-quality games. The national football team is likely to start a warm-up match with other local club teams in New Zealand. In addition, the Football Association plans to arrange a home warm-up match for the national football team in June this year. Chinese football is moving in a favorable direction.

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