Weekly trips from Kiev to Moscow by bus: Hundreds of Ukrainians prefer flight alternative (photo)

Carriers offer to get to Moscow from almost all regional centers of Ukraine.

Despite the closed border with Russia passenger communication with the aggressor state is actually open. Buses from Kyiv, Lvov, Dnipro and other regional centers of Ukraine several times a week they go to Moscow and back.

Finding a bus to Russia is easy. If there are no options in the search engine, then there are plenty of them on social networks. As found out TSN.uasuch a pleasure costs from 250 to 350 dollars, depending on the carrier (9.2 – 13 thousand hryvnias).

Traveling to the capital of Russia is cheaper from Lviv. For a trip from Kyiv or the Dnieper, you will have to pay about $ 20 more. Although cheapest option we foundexactly from Kyiv.

The scheme is simple: Ukraine – Poland – Russia

No carriers do not have a complex scheme: a passenger boards a bus in Ukraine bound for Poland, and already in Warsaw transfers to a direct flight to Moscow. He travels through Lithuania and Latvia.

“Only from Kiev and Lvov, girl. $250. You don’t need to buy anything. You arrive Tuesday-Saturday in Kiev at the railway station, near McDonald’s, before two o’clock. And we pick you up in a minibus. There will be one change in Warsaw,” he said. TSN.ua carrier Michael and offered to make sure the bus was comfortable in his chat with “customers”. There are almost 2.5 thousand of them. Most send parcels through a man, others travel to Russia and back.

“There will be two buses. One Dnepr – Warsaw, the second Warsaw – Moscow. Departure from the bus station on Tuesday and Saturday. You only need a biometric passport. It takes more than two days to travel,” he said. TSN.ua a representative of another carrier named Sergey.

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Only from Kyiv to Moscow travel dozens of people a week

To the question will there be any problems when crossing the border, one man is surprised. “What should they be if the bus goes to Warsaw? There will be another one from Warsaw,” he says.

The second carrier claims that There are no problems with trips to Russia at all: “Sunny, there is nothing. Yesterday 20 people went (to Moscow – ed.), 24 went from there. Everything seems to be fine, thank God.”

You don’t need to pay anything to book a ticket. The fare is taken in Warsaw or after crossing the Russian border. Some ask for a passport photo.

“Last name, first name and Ukrainian phone number. You don’t need a passport. And exactly what date you want. Tuesday or Saturday,” added Mikhail, who offers to go to Moscow from Kiev.

The popularity of such flights is evidenced by their regularity and variety of options.. In the comments on carriers’ Facebook posts, Ukrainians are interested in flights and prices.

It is impossible to punish “businessmen”

Despite the dubious directions, it is impossible to hold such “businessmen” accountable, commented for TSN.ua lawyer Rostislav Kravets. The point is how the circuit is built – there is no single carrier providing transportation of passengers or cargo from Ukraine to Russia.

“And it will also be extremely difficult to blame for collaboration activities, undermining the national economy or failure to comply with the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, because these are different persons and are not legally connected with each other in any way,” Kravets explained.

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The lawyer recalled that a similar scheme worked after the ban on regular flights with Russia in 2015.

“Everyone flew to Minsk, transferred to other planes and flew to Moscow. No one was held accountable for this and it is impossible to hold anyone accountable. In fact, there is nothing illegal in this scheme. There is no single carrier,” Kravets added.

Note that there is more than one such carrier in Ukraine, and all of them have about two flights a week. That’s why we can talk about hundreds of Ukrainians who cross the border of the aggressor country only for seven days. While military and civilians die every day in Ukraine because of Russian aggression, “businessmen” earn money on trips to Russia, and the Ukrainians themselves give them these funds.

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