Weekly horoscope: Sagittarius will have brilliant ideas, Pisces will pursue success and Gemini should try a new job


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04. 12. 2022

What awaits us in the week of December 5 to 11? In the previous period we went through the full moon in Taurus, which was responsible for our stability, and now we are still influenced by the new moon in Sagittarius, when we have to deal with everything related to transport, roads, our car or means of transport. communication. Under this influence, some even begin to think that they will buy a plane ticket or a trip to a distant country in advance for the next year. This week will be good for him. It will also show us which tasks we are good at and which we are not. We should adjust our talents to this so as not to make unnecessary mistakes by overestimating our strengths and possibilities. And if we succeed in something, let’s not forget to praise ourselves, it will increase our self-esteem.

And how will individual signs fare?

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It will be an interesting time for the Rams. It will bring them the possibility of an extended education, because they will have to move in a slightly different direction in their lives. They will be forced to do this by the planet Jupiter, which is now in the sign of Pisces. This isn’t exactly a win-win position for Aries, so they start thinking about what to change, because things they used to work until now may stop working. Maybe that’s why they have to get rid of something, such as situations that exhaust them or empty their wallets, and it will no longer be profitable to stick to them. Take it, Aries, that Jupiter in Pisces is meant to cleanse you. So give thanks for it and let go of everything in your life that is holding you back and educating yourself. You will need it in the future.


The bulls will focus even more on the economy right now. After all, it’s their floor. New situations will open up for them, which are related both to investments and to buying or selling. And if not, they will at least start thinking about it. They should also be prepared to deal with some important matters at the banks, so they should check all the policies they have, what they pay where and to whom, and whether their payments are in order. And since Jupiter has entered Pisces, it also signifies a time of social gatherings for Taurus, during which they have the chance to meet new interesting people. That’s why they should take advantage of all the corporate invitations they get. Someone important can notice them and move them through life.


There is a very important period ahead of Gemini, because the desire to change jobs or get a promotion will not leave them, if they haven’t already done so. Now it will be about creating new working conditions and situations around them. Suddenly they will find that what worked until now no longer works the way they used to. It will then force them to make new plans to create conditions for themselves that will be beneficial for their personal life and job position. So Geminis should use all their communication skills to impress someone this week. If some Geminis haven’t had the courage to take up a new job yet, they should, because this is a very suitable testing period for them in their career progression.


If Cancers are artistically inclined, they now have the opportunity to excel in the media. They can also demonstrate their intelligence at work. Cancers can also look forward to interesting career changes or a change in their co-workers. However, they should definitely not forget about building good workplace relationships with their colleagues, because only then they can achieve better work results and at the same time feel better there. Cancers working in services will be fine. The topic of dealing with official matters or higher education or some foreign connection will also be open to them. If Cancers have someone abroad, it will be very important that they remember him. They will be able to use it for themselves.


A difficult period for Lions will continue. Now they should focus on getting their car in order. Since Leos are very creative, relationships and love are important to them and right now they can do something about their relationships and fix them. Those who have a partner should give him enough time and attention. For example, they should plan joint activities, events, or trips so that they have common topics to talk about in the future. It is also important to make sure that the other party feels that not only are Leos important, but they too, in short, Leos should welcome their partner as much as possible. Someone without a partner can meet someone, become interested in someone or remember someone, but also create a vision of the relationship that she wants.


Virgos can now plan changes around their accommodation. It’s a good time to buy something for your home, or make some changes or move. And it shouldn’t only concern the apartment, but also the garden, the cottage or the office, in short, all places where Virgos feel good. It will also be important to take care of your family members in addition to housing, so that everyone can feel comfortable in their own homes. So, Virgo, do something for your family. Especially if you get along well with the women in your family. Also try paying more attention to your body, using herbs or drinking ginger tea in the evening. Eat more hot soup to warm up your body enough, because health will be extremely important to you.

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Libras are having a very busy time with a lot of arrangements and some won’t even know where their head is at. Many Libras are also in love or long for intense love. And those who don’t have a partner can make up for it by staying in a place they love. Libras who have someone abroad will communicate with them very intensively. They will also deal with the authorities to a greater extent, official letters and subpoenas may come to the authorities. Libra will then need to consult with someone. However, they must not forget to act diplomatically to reach an agreement, because quarrels and disputes are not worth it. It’s time to surround yourself with family and visit relatives, you need to invite them somewhere. It will help improve a damaged psyche.


Scorpios have gone through an emotionally strong period, thanks to which a whole series of situations have been set in motion that have conditioned their feelings on a personal and professional level. They should tidy up their car now and be careful on the roads. Many Scorpios will also have to deal with people who live or have lived abroad, or someone will be flying in or visiting them. During this period, Scorpios should above all make sure that their work activity is pleasant and brings them money and the necessary peace of mind. They should answer honestly if they really value their profession. Either way, Scorpios will need to educate themselves, learn new things, and develop new skills. They should also tidy up their relationships and think seriously about the values ​​that are important in their lives.


This is Sagittarius season. They can start doing something new, make a decision or start a new business. As a last resort, at least plan for it. The personality of Sagittarius will also undergo a transformation. They can start doing something about their body and their appearance, but they can also start asserting their personality more and showing the world how important they are. They will wish them energy. The theme of the home and family relationships will also be highlighted, especially with women in the family line. Sagittarians will then think about where and with whom they live, how to improve their home, whether their roommates are satisfied with it and what to do to make it even better. Ingenious ideas and higher connections and experiences associated with it can also come.


Capricorns do not take the last period lightly, because what is happening in the economy is often incomprehensible to them. Most Capricorns like system, order and order, and do not live well in the current chaos. Therefore, they should create their own world in which they can establish order and order. Movement will be important to them. The musculoskeletal system and spine will need to be moved to keep them in order. They should also eat plenty of vitamins, especially calcium, magnesium and zinc. In addition, an important dilemma awaits them, what to do next in life, which will be associated with many reflections. They will deal with internal dissatisfaction. Then they should erase something in their life and start doing something different because there will be things or situations that need to be changed. This week will be good for preparation.


Aquarians will be in for a very strong period, despite what is happening around us. They will travel to distant places or, conversely, someone else will come to them from afar. They may even start bringing a new circle of people into their lives. Aquarians love good company and they love people. Most of them have no problem making many friends and good friends, who are like saffron. Therefore, they should not refuse any invitation to society now. Or they can organize something like this themselves. If Aquarians go to the right place at the right time, they can meet someone very interesting who will show them a new direction in life. But Aquarians should also not forget about the people around them and should keep those they can rely on.

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It also applies to Pisces who should check the condition of their car. At the same time, Pisces will begin to think about future trips and plan them. Perhaps they will have more contacts abroad. And since Pisces should present themselves to the outside world as much as possible during this time, they should invest in advertising to get themselves known to the world. But most Pisces can’t, and now is the best time to learn. They will also have to finish many things from before, especially from a work point of view. They want a higher income, a promotion or more promotion. Will come the determination to be even more successful. It will therefore be necessary to take new steps and contact new people, as well as relying on people who can help them in this.

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The author of the article is the editor of Ve hvězdách magazine, the text was created in cooperation with this magazine and card reader, numerologist and therapist Mariá Vítová Plášilová, and astrologer, writer and personal development coach Martina Blažena Boháčová

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