Weekend news: Researchers find human arms in shark stomach

+++ 13.57 PM: Veterinarians find poor people in shark on Reunion Island +++

According to media reports, researchers have found human remains in a shark on the French island of Reunion. The veterinarians had discovered two arms in a tiger shark, media reported on Saturday. The identity of the dead was also determined using a bracelet. The news channel Franceinfo reported on its website that it was a 70-year-old man who had not returned from a kayak tour on the west coast of the island in the Indian Ocean in early December. A DNA test is currently being carried out.

The shark caught on a research trip was around three and a half meters long, the report said. At first it could not be determined whether the man from the shark was killed or was already dead. Around the French overseas department there are frequent shark attacks. There have been 24 attacks since 2011, the AFP news agency reported. Eleven of them were fatal. The sharks mostly attack surfers or bodyboarders, which they mistake for prey.

+++ 12.55 p.m .: Record amount of cocaine seized in Uruguay +++

Uruguayan police have seized a record amount of cocaine. In the port of the capital Montevideo, 4.4 tons of the drug were secured in containers, the prosecutor said on Friday. Another ton of cocaine was confiscated from a farm in the Soriano department. It is the largest amount of cocaine that has been seized in Uruguay so far. According to media reports, the drugs have a street sale value of more than $ 1 billion.

+++ 12.52 PM: Australia fights flames in the heat +++

Searing heat threatens to make the fight against the bush fires that have been blazing for weeks even more difficult. Especially the southeast of the southern hemisphere faces days with extremely hot weather, as the meteorological authority announced on Saturday. Given the expected temperatures of up to 43 degrees in western Sydney, the risk of fire will increase at the beginning of the week. In the state of New South Wales, whose capital is Sydney, around 70 fires are blazing, 30 of them out of control, according to the fire service. In Australia’s capital Canberra, the temperatures climbed to 38 degrees Celsius. The city raised its fire warning level further and imposed a total fire ban.

A firefighter in an orange uniform puts a water bottle on a koala's mouth<video id="video_videoPlayer62375" poster="https://image.stern.de/9060672/16x9-933-525/cef8dfb4b96c720b8a7d2bd40266428b/bT/australien-koala-wasser-feuerwehrmann.jpg" data-x-account="1203065853" data-x-player="Byqs6Rblz" data-x-video-id="ref:c6be08bb-5078-46ce-852c-e774e3037e8f" data-x-embed="default" data-element-id="video_videoPlayer62375" data-x-setup="{"controls":true,"plugins":{"pip":{"url":"https://players.brightcove.net/videojs-pip/1/videojs-pip.js","params":{"closeable":true,"viewable":"0.66","height":255,"width":400,"posX":"right","posY":"bottom","manualContainerSize":true}},"chartbeat":{"url":"https://static.chartbeat.com/js/chartbeat_video.js","params":{"uid":"30537","domain":"stern.de"}}},"ima3":{"debug":false,"requestMode":"onplay","numRedirects":10,"timeout":8000,"hardTimeouts":true},"currentArticle":[{"id":9060610,"url":"https://www.stern.de/panorama/weltgeschehen/australien--feuerwehrmann-gibt-koala-bei-buschbrand-wasser-9060610.html","kicker":"Rührende Szene in Australien","title":"Mitten im Buschfeuer: Feuerwehrmann teilt sein Wasser mit durstigem Koala","staticTitle":"9060610:Video-Feuerwehrmann teilt Wasser mit Koala","seoTitle":"Australien: Feuerwehrmann gibt Koala bei Buschbrand Wasser","teaserText":" Koalas sind von den Buschbränden in Australien besonders betroffen: Anders als etwa Kängurus können sie kaum vor einer nahenden Feuerwand fliehen. Als ein Feuerwehrmann einen Koala entdeckt, ahnt er sofort, was dem Tier fehlt.","imageUrl":"https://image.stern.de/9060672/16x9-940-529/cef8dfb4b96c720b8a7d2bd40266428b/dt/australien-koala-wasser-feuerwehrmann.jpg","videoUrl":"ref:c6be08bb-5078-46ce-852c-e774e3037e8f","duration":37,"sources":[["FEEDAGENTUREN","Reuters"],["STERN","stern-online"]],"technicalTags":["weiteres"]}],"noAds":false,"autoplay":false,"logoUrl":"https://www.stern.de/resource/blob/7231600/ca70b2f1ed53b999a1824c536aa08914/logo-stern-white-25x34-png-data.png","duration":37940,"embedLink":"https://www.stern.de/action/7097106/videoembed?videou003d9060610","pipEnabled":false,"defaultTargetParams":"u0026fwd_j4u003d1:2u0026fwd_j5u003d2:3:4u0026fwd_n2u003d3:4u0026fwd_n3u003d3:4u0026fwd_a0u003d2u0026fwd_b1u003d2u0026fwd_b2u003d2u0026fwd_n7u003d3:4u0026fwd_a9u003d2u0026fwd_b8u003d2u0026fwd_b6u003d2u0026fwd_n0u003d3:4u0026fwd_j3u003d3:4u0026fwd_a1u003d2","share":"ems_stern/panorama","embedded":true,"adb":true}" class=" video-js vjs-aspectratio-16x9 embedded" controls=""/>–

+++ 12.10 PM: UN funds for the investigation of war crimes in Syria and Myanmar for the first time +++

The UN General Secretariat will receive funds for investigations into war crimes in Syria and Myanmar for the first time in the 2020 budget. The UN General Assembly voted on Friday (local time) a budget of $ 3.07 billion, which includes these items. The general assembly approves the budget of the UN General Secretariat. Syria, Myanmar, North Korea, Iran, Nicaragua, Venezuela and especially Russia failed in their attempts to bring the plans down.

+++ 11.55 a.m .: Bahn records new sales record for cell phone tickets in 2019 +++

Deutsche Bahn is selling more and more cell phone tickets. Since the launch of the “DB Navigator” app in December 2009, around 105 million corresponding tickets have been sold, as the RND newspapers reported on Saturday, citing group figures. A record figure was achieved in the current year with 45 million cell phone tickets. In 2018 there were around 25 million corresponding bookings, in 2017 around 13 million.

+++ 11.50 a.m .: Attorney: Court sees danger of darkening in the Augsburg killing +++

In the case of the Augsburg homicide, the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Munich sees six suspects, according to one defense attorney, as a risk of escape and darkening. Therefore, the court has reinstated the original arrest warrants for homicide, lawyer Michael Menzel told the German Press Agency on Saturday. The OLG wanted to know how close the cohesion between the young people and young men was and whether there was a group dynamic.

The court wanted to await further investigation into the violent death of a 49-year-old on St. Nicholas’ Day on Königsplatz. The OLG had revised the Augsburg District Court’s release. The court was initially unreachable on Saturday.

+++ 11.13 PM: after fatal bathing accident: mother contradicts Spanish police +++

After the bathing accident in a Spanish holiday resort with three deaths, the mother disagreed with the police report that her drowned family members could not swim.

During their holiday on the Costa del Sol, a girl, his big brother and his father drowned on Christmas Eve in the pool of a resort in Mijas near Málaga in the south of the country. Only the mother and a third child of the British-American family, a 14-year-old, survived.

According to the police, it was a “tragic accident caused by lack of swimming skills”. All previous investigations and the statements of all eyewitnesses clearly indicated this, the police unit Guardia Civil announced on Friday in Málaga. She did not confirm speculations about a defective pool pump.

However, the mother insists that “something was wrong with the pool, which made swimming difficult at the time,” according to a late Friday evening release to the British media. The hotel denies that.

+++ 10.40 clock: Afghan security forces escape from Taliban prison +++

Eight inmates of a Taliban prison managed to escape in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Defense said on Saturday that the Afghan security forces had been held in a camp of the militant Islamist group in the southeastern province of Ghasni. After their outbreak, they would have reached army-controlled territory. In recent years, Afghan troops have liberated hundreds of comrades from various insurgent camps. But the Taliban has also repeatedly managed to free itself or fellow combatants from Afghan prisons. In April 2011, nearly 500 Taliban escaped from a detention center in Kandahar City through a more than 300-meter tunnel that had been dug under a house from a house. In an effort to achieve peace in the war-torn country, the Afghan government and the Taliban have agreed on the exchange of prisoners on several occasions.

+++ 10.34 PM: Dozens killed in attack with explosive truck in Mogadishu +++

At least 73 people were killed in one of the most devastating bomb attacks in recent months in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Saturday. In addition to 73 dead, 54 wounded were brought to his hospital, said the head of the city’s Medina Hospital, Mohamed Yusuf, the German Press Agency. The victim balance is still preliminary and could increase rapidly. It is unclear how many victims were brought to other hospitals. Mogadishu’s Mayor Omar Mohamed Filish spoke of 90 injuries shortly after the explosion – including many students and five police officers.

+++ 10.10 PM: speed limit dispute: police union demands independent expert opinion +++

In the dispute over the pros and cons of a speed limit on German motorways, the police union (GdP) demands an independent scientific report. The federal government should commission one to get valid figures on the benefits of a speed limit, the deputy federal chairman of the GdP, Michael Mertens, told the “Handelsblatt”. “With such a basis, the discussion, which is currently very emotionally charged, can be brought to a factual level.” The GdP is one of the speed limit supporters. “Reducing the top speed on highways also reduces the risk of serious accidents with the most seriously injured,” said Mertens. There are estimates that assume that a speed limit can avoid around 80 deaths per year nationwide. “For this reason alone, a discussion about whether a speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour is appropriate.”

+++ 09:48 am: Giffey: In 2020, twice as many children will get a child supplement +++

According to Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franziska Giffey, significantly more families will benefit from the so-called child allowance in the new year. The SPD politician told the German Press Agency that she expected 750,000 children to be reached. “That would be more than doubling compared to today,” said Giffey. Families receive a child supplement with a low income that is only slightly above the Hartz IV level. Parents with a total of at least 900 euros gross and single parents with a gross amount of 600 euros and above belong to the group of recipients. The surcharge is paid up to an individually calculated maximum earnings limit. Depending on the need, there is a maximum of 185 euros per child per month. The amount is transferred together with the child benefit.

+++ 09.04 clock: transatlantic coordinator considers second term for Trump realistic +++

The federal government’s transatlantic coordinator, Peter Beyer (CDU), believes a second term for US President Donald Trump is realistic. “I do believe that Donald Trump has a realistic chance of getting a second term,” Beyer said in an interview with the AFP news agency. With the opposition Democrats “we have a broad field from far left to middle right”. This broad spectrum could “be a weakness of the Democrats”.

However, he currently considers businessman Michael Bloomberg to be the most promising Democratic presidential candidate, Beyer said. “Mike Bloomberg is someone you have to take seriously, not just because he has significantly more money in his account than Trump and money is a decisive factor in the US election campaign,” said the CDU politician. With regard to the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Beyer said that he “hadn’t got away with harmlessness through the whole of Ukraine’s history”.

+++ 08:40: Sale of New Year’s fireworks has started +++

The sale of New Year’s fireworks started three days before the turn of the year. Before the factory sales of the manufacturer Weco, for example in Eitorf in North Rhine-Westphalia, customers had been waiting to buy rockets, firecrackers and batteries since the early morning hours. The sale of fireworks is normally only allowed from December 29th. Because this falls on a Sunday in 2019, the fireworks sale starts a day earlier. But popping is only allowed from December 31st.

The topic of New Year’s Eve fireworks caused some discussions this year. For example, the German Environmental Aid (DUH) demanded that in 98 cities across Germany, which are particularly exposed to particulate matter, no more popping should be carried out. In several German cities there are no firecracker zones again this year, but to protect the residents and old towns. For example, popping around the Cologne Cathedral and in parts of the old town is prohibited. Prohibition zones are also being set up in Düsseldorf and Berlin.

+++ 08:23: Police: More than 20 killed in a bomb attack in Mogadishu +++

More than 20 people were killed in a suspected bomb attack in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Saturday. That is what the police said. A suspected suicide bomber detonated his truck loaded with explosives in a busy area of ​​the city, security officer Abdulahi Adan said.

+++ 08:04 clock: consumer protection: no advertising for unhealthy children’s food +++

Consumer advocates want to ban comics, puzzles, and colorful packaging for unhealthy foods. “If I think I want to sell bombs of sugar, salt and fat, then it shouldn’t be allowed children give targeted advertising, “said the head of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations, Klaus Müller, of the German Press Agency. Advertising tailored to children should only be allowed for foods that meet the criteria of the World Health Organization.” And that does not mean an excess of sugar , Salt and fat. ”

+++ 06:22 PM: dance clubs attacked with butyric acid – party guests injured +++

Several party guests were injured in attacks with butyric acid in two dance clubs in Lahr in the Black Forest. As the police said they suffered severe irritation to the eyes and respiratory system on Saturday night. The clubs were cleared, around 500 people had to go outside. Paramedics took five injured to the hospital. The police caught two suspected men aged 26 and 34. The clubs remained closed the rest of the night. The background of the attacks was initially unclear.

+++ 05:36 am: stabbing weapon drawn – police shoot motorists after accident in Stuttgart +++

A 32 year old driver is in Stuttgart been shot by the police after a traffic accident. The man had attacked two police officers in the Vaihingen district with a sword-like object, the police said. The officers then shot him and injured him so badly that he died in the hospital on Saturday night.

Previously, the man reportedly drove his small car in the wrong direction into a roundabout and collided head-on with an advertising column. He then escaped from the scene of the accident with a companion. When the police turned him on and spoke to him, he attacked the officers with an approximately 70 centimeter long stabbing weapon, it was said.

In the past year Germany shot eleven people. In 2017, the German Police University in Münster counted 14 cases of fatal “firearm use against people”.

+++ 04:04: Scheuer: climate goals can only be achieved with heavy cycling +++

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer wants to make cycling in Germany better and safer – and better connect it with other modes of transport. The CSU politician said in an interview with the German Press Agency that he firmly believes that climate goals can only be achieved “if we have heavy bicycle traffic and Germany becomes a bicycle country”.

There is more money than ever for bicycle traffic, 1.45 billion by 2023. The federal government is not responsible for the construction of cycle paths in cities and towns, said Scheuer. “But I am in good spirits, with my new alliance for modern mobility, that the municipalities and the federal states are reporting projects to us where we can provide substantial support and the cycle path network in Germany is improving and becoming safer.”

+++ 03:43: Probably seven dead in a helicopter crash in Hawaii +++

All seven occupants are believed to have died in the crash of an excursion helicopter over the US archipelago of Hawaii. So far, the remains of six dead have been recovered and there is no evidence of survivors, a fire department spokesman said at a press conference on Friday (local time). Two children are said to have been among the seven people on board the helicopter.

The helicopter crash site is located in a mountainous and difficult to access area on the island of Kauai. The rescue operation was interrupted on Friday due to fog and poor visibility and should continue at dawn on Saturday – if the weather conditions allow it. The cause of the accident was still unclear hours after the crash.

The owner had reported the helicopter as missing after it had not returned from a sightseeing flight at the agreed time. Police, fire and coast guard forces were involved in the search for the wreck.

+++ 02.22 PM: US citizens killed in missile attack on Iraqi military base +++

A US citizen was killed in a rocket attack on a military base in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Friday. Several Iraqi and US soldiers were injured, the US-led international coalition to fight the jihadist militia Islamic State (IS) said. The victim is therefore a US subcontractor.

Iraqi security forces have led the investigation and are responsible for a possible response to the attack, the release said. The anti-IS coalition did not comment on the alleged attackers.

+++ 01.25 PM: More than 4000 kilograms of cocaine: authorities in Uruguay make the largest drug discovery in the history of the country +++

In Uruguay, the authorities have made the largest drug discovery in the country’s history. A spokesman for the Navy said on Friday that forces had confiscated four containers filled with cocaine bags in the port of the capital, Montevideo. In the first two of the four soy flour containers alone, 4003 packages with a total of 4418 kilograms of cocaine were found.

Science quickly explains: what triggers coke in our brain?<video id="video_videoPlayer4027" poster="https://image.stern.de/6750756/16x9-940-529/971d89860eed7d511eb5d69f2514155/LL/koks-kokain-drogen-abc-neu.jpg" data-x-account="1203065853" data-x-player="Byqs6Rblz" data-x-video-id="ref:163cca96-5888-4af1-b62f-136fd4fb6a60" data-x-embed="default" data-element-id="video_videoPlayer4027" data-x-setup="{"controls":true,"plugins":{"pip":{"url":"https://players.brightcove.net/videojs-pip/1/videojs-pip.js","params":{"closeable":true,"viewable":"0.66","height":255,"width":400,"posX":"right","posY":"bottom","manualContainerSize":true}},"chartbeat":{"url":"https://static.chartbeat.com/js/chartbeat_video.js","params":{"uid":"30537","domain":"stern.de"}}},"ima3":{"debug":false,"requestMode":"onplay","numRedirects":10,"timeout":8000,"hardTimeouts":true},"currentArticle":[{"id":6750610,"url":"https://www.stern.de/gesundheit/fragen-verstehen/drogen-abc--was-loest-koks-in-unserem-gehirn-aus--6750610.html","kicker":"Wissenschaft schnell erklärt","title":"Was löst Koks in unserem Gehirn aus?","staticTitle":"6750610:Drogen-ABC: Was löst Koks in unserem Gehirn aus?","seoTitle":"Drogen-ABC: Was löst Koks in unserem Gehirn aus?","teaserText":" Kokain ist eine alte Droge. In Südamerika weiß man schon lange, dass die Blätter der Kokapflanze anregend sind. Aber erst im 19. Jahrhundert reinigten deutsche Chemiker den Wirkstoff. Doch was löst Koks in uns aus und was macht die Droge so gefährlich?","imageUrl":"https://image.stern.de/6750756/16x9-940-529/971d89860eed7d511eb5d69f2514155/LL/koks-kokain-drogen-abc-neu.jpg","videoUrl":"ref:163cca96-5888-4af1-b62f-136fd4fb6a60","duration":82,"sources":[["STERN","stern-online"],["STERN","Videoquellen","Eigenproduktion"]],"technicalTags":["Syndication"]}],"noAds":false,"autoplay":false,"logoUrl":"https://www.stern.de/resource/blob/7231600/ca70b2f1ed53b999a1824c536aa08914/logo-stern-white-25x34-png-data.png","duration":82987,"embedLink":"https://www.stern.de/action/7097106/videoembed?videou003d6750610","pipEnabled":false,"defaultTargetParams":"u0026fwd_j4u003d1:2u0026fwd_j5u003d2:3:4u0026fwd_n2u003d3:4u0026fwd_n3u003d3:4u0026fwd_a0u003d2u0026fwd_b1u003d2u0026fwd_b2u003d2u0026fwd_n7u003d3:4u0026fwd_a9u003d2u0026fwd_b8u003d2u0026fwd_b6u003d2u0026fwd_n0u003d3:4u0026fwd_j3u003d3:4u0026fwd_a1u003d2","share":"ems_stern/panorama","embedded":true,"adb":true}" class=" video-js vjs-aspectratio-16x9 embedded" controls=""/>–

The authorities said “the biggest blow to drug trafficking in the country’s history has been achieved,” said the Navy spokesman. Customs chief Jaime Borgiani estimated the street value of drugs in Europe at $ 1 billion.

+++ 00.13 PM: Hawaii: wreck of missing helicopter discovered +++

Rescue workers have found the wreck of a missing excursion helicopter in Hawaii. The police said the island of Kauai on Friday (local time). A total of seven people were on board the helicopter, two of which are said to have been minors. At first it was unclear whether there were survivors. The helicopter crash site is located in a mountainous area on Kauai.

The owner of the helicopter had reported it missing after the helicopter had not returned from a sightseeing flight on Thursday at the agreed time. The search for the wreck, involving police, fire and coast guard forces, took place under difficult weather conditions.

+++ 00.10 clock: Poland orders Russian ambassador +++ after Putin’s allegations of anti-Semitism

According to statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin on anti-Semitism in Poland before the Second World War, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Warsaw appointed the Russian ambassador. Poland has expressed its “vehement opposition to the historical allegations of the highest Russian authorities,” said Deputy Polish Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz of the PAP news agency. Russia is trying to downplay its “share in responsibility for the destruction of peace in Europe”, the Foreign Ministry criticized.

Putin had said in the Russian Ministry of Defense on Tuesday that the then Polish ambassador to Germany allegedly promised to erect a statue of Adolf Hitler in Warsaw in the 1930s – in thanks for Hitler’s announcement that he would deport Jews to Africa.

The ambassador was a “bastard, an anti-Semitic pig,” said Putin. On another occasion, also in December, the Russian President had given the Western Powers and Poland complicity in the Second World War.

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