Weddings: Radek takes offense and leaves the beautiful Simona alone on the beach!

The couple has so far enjoyed their honeymoon in Portugal to the fullest. Meanwhile, sympathetic Simona passes Radek’s tears with a smile. “It’s nice that you can feel that way,” he responds to his crying when Radek first sees the ocean. Yet their further sincere conversation ends Row tears, and he even leaves Simon alone on the beach.

This conflict is started by Radek’s initially innocent question: “Do you like me?” Simona, probably unaware that she is balancing on thin ice, replies with a smile, “I like your tattoo.” Radek’s doubts that he was not physically attracted to his bride were partially confirmed. Already after the ceremony, he was behind the fact that Simča is a higher league for him.

The bride tries to calm Radek down. “This is the first time I’ve known you to be silent. I’m almost upset that you’re not saying anything,” she tries to talk her husband. But he gets up and walks away without a word. How will this turn out? Will he reconcile, or can Radek not bite that the beautiful bride does not like the appearance?

Watch the next part of the show on Wednesday Wedding at a glance at 20:20 on TV Nova. If you missed the last episode, you can play it for free at Nova Plus. You can play all the parts on Voyo.

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