Wedding: “You are a typical lazy Czech and a pig,” Štěpánka is angry at Pavel! VIDEO

At the Pilsen couple Štěpánky and Pavla it will be extremely tense in the middle. These two are passionate, not only when they make love, but also when they argue. They decided to clean Paul’s apartment together in which they live. “You make everything a lot easier because you’re lazy! You’re a typical Czech! Hands, we won’t work, we don’t want to,” Štěpánka starts at Pavel, and they haven’t even started cleaning up yet.

“That’s what life is about, isn’t it? I don’t know why I should make it even more difficult,” Pavel provokes in his reply. And when he takes a bucket of dirty water and pours it into the tub, there is a fire on the roof. “Are you serious ?! Every normal person, when he wipes, pours the water into the toilet. Only a piglet can do that,” Štěpánka can’t stand.

In addition, Pavel pulls out his trump card: “Look, this is our common hand towel. You will tell me who the pig is! It has make-up on it, and I don’t use make-up,” he waves a dirty towel in front of Štěpánka. you’d benefit from doing something with yourself, “he goes to Štěpánek’s full, pointing to his face.” What are you doing here for me? You, you, you, still just you! I want your confidence. You’re a dude and you can’t handle it ! ”Ends the quarrel.

It doesn’t look too rosy for the other couples either. AT Francis with Natalia it will continue to be like on a roller coaster. The situation depends a lot on the mood of the bride. František would take her blue from the sky – he will take her on a dream ride on a scooter, he is also solving her future career. But will that be enough?

Also Petra and René they are still looking for a way to each other. So far, however, they have not been able to find common ground. But neither of them gives up, so they visit a psychotherapist together. For example, consulting an expert will give them a new perspective on their situation.

And how she is on her honeymoon in Portugal, where she went Simon and Radek? Romance is felt on every corner, but something hardens it a bit. And those are Radek’s tears. He is still impressed by everything he sees. Local scenery, the ocean and Simona’s sincerity… How does the newlywed stand it?

Wedding at a glance you can watch every Wednesday at 20:20 on TV Nova! Viewers can watch the show 7 days before it airs on TV Voyo. If you missed an episode at the time of the TV broadcast, you can play it back on Nova Plus.

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