wedding with Alessandro del Bono in the French Riviera-

from Federica Bandirali

The announcement with an official post on the social profile. In the summer of 2019 a stolen photograph showed her with the diamond ring on her finger announcing her official engagement

We followed by two emoticons, a heart and a wedding ring. Cos Afef Jnifen has officially announced that she has moved with manager Alessandro del Bono, posting a photo of them after the ceremony on his official Instagram profile on the evening of 15 October 2021.

Afef, 57, has always protected her privacy, in particular events related to her private life: in November 2018 the separation from her first husband, the manager Marco Tronchetti Provera was announced in a press release; the couple moved to Portofino on December 22, 2001. Today Afef really seems to have found a smile and a carefree serenity next to her new husband: the wedding, as we read in the Instagram geo tag, took place on the Côte d’Azur in St. Tropez.

For the former model and presenter, a simple white silk dress, sleeveless. A model with essential lines: the focal point of the look is a crown of flowers on the crown of curly hair. He immediately jumps to the attention of the image that portrays Afef as he jumps expressing his joy. In the photo posted, in the foreground also the hand of her husband with the wedding ring on his finger. I made him laugh, writes Afef in the post announcing the wedding. In fact, both spouses show off a smile worthy of the day of the great s.

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