Wedding right in MasterChef! He married a favorite contestant

Wedding in MasterChef! Former contestant Pavel Berky and his fiancé Matěj Pardus made their wedding vows in front of the cameras. They tried the wedding ceremony cleanly and the contestants of the show were able to cook for former participants at the wedding reception.

On Tuesday, a festive atmosphere prevailed in the MasterChef Česko kitchen. This time, amateur chefs faced a big challenge, namely to prepare a three-course wedding menu. In addition, for one of the best amateur chefs from last year, Pavel Berky and his friend Matěj Pardus.

As long-term life partners, they have decided to make their wedding vows right in front of the MasterChef Česko jury, giving competitors the opportunity to experience how difficult it is to prepare 30 servings of a three-course menu for really sweet tongues.

“It’s no coincidence that we’re in this place. Today will be really romantic. It will be full of love and maybe even good food, but it’s up to you,” the jury suggested. Přemek Forejt. “With your food you can raise this life event to the heights, or you can spoil it nicely,” Jan Punčochář tried to make the contestant nervous.

“The fact that this is the wedding of Pavel Berky and his friend is really the biggest surprise of today. We really didn’t expect that at all,” Givi confided in the confessional. In addition, many famous faces from the previous series appeared at the banquet, such as Lucka, Ivka or Viky.

In the wedding invitation, two teams stood against each other, but Přemek dismounted Tomáš from the red captain’s bridge during cooking and replaced him with Jitka, yet it was not enough to win the red team. The grooms were more excited about the dishes of the blue team led by Petra.

Pavel Berky finished third in MasterChef Česko 2020 and became one of the most prominent personalities of the previous series. “I can say that my life has changed completely from the ground up thanks to the competition, but in a good way,” Pavel motivates the competitors of this year’s series.

You can look at the whole episode on the Voyo portal. You will find bonus reports on the Nova Plus website.



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