Wedding Party Becomes Corona Virus Superspreader, 7 Killed and 177 Infected with Pages all

MILLINOCKET, – a wedding party in rural Maine, United States of America ( AS), ended in death after becoming superspreader corona virus which left 7 people dead and 177 infected.

The wedding in early August was attended by 65 people, breaking the official limit of 50 people allowed to gather at a gathering.

The church ceremony continued with a reception at the Big Moose Inn, both located in the small US town of Millinocket with only 4,000 residents.

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Ten days later 24 people associated with the marriage tested positive Covid-19, then the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Maine opened research.

CDC local director Nirav Shah on Thursday (9/17/2020) revealed the latest toll at the event, adding that 7 people who died did not attend the wedding.

The contact tracer then associates the marriage with several hotspots U.S. states, including more than 80 cases in prisons 370 kilometers away, where one of the guards came to the wedding.

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Another 10 suspected cases were found in a Baptist church in the same area, while 39 cases and 6 deaths were found at a nursing home 160 km from Millinocket.

“When we heard about the outbreak … everyone was really taking cover,” said city council chief Cody McEwen.

“Once the plague spreads, we closed the city again,” he continued AFP.

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Not the first case

Some residents were furious at the event organizers, including the pub that had its license suspended.

“I don’t think they have to have a wedding. I think it should be limited as required,” said Nina Obrikis, a member of the Baptist church where the ceremony was held.

“We can’t go anywhere or do anything,” he complained.

Maine Governor Janet Mills on Thursday (17/09/2020) issued a warning to 1.3 million residents of the state.

Such turmoil “threatens to undermine the progress we are making quickly.”

“Covid-19 is not on the other side of the fence, it’s in our yard,” he explained analogously.

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Since the start of the pandemic earlier this year, cases superspreader widely reported around the world.

The first in the US were a biotechnology conference in Boston in February that was attended by about 175 people, and a funeral in Georgia that infected more than 100 people.

Then in recent weeks such clusters of infections have emerged on campuses, sending students back home.

Oneonta University in northern New York state, for example, has more than 670 cases of Covid-19 a month.

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