Wedding at first sight: The background to the couples’ retreat

According to “”, participant Annika explained in an Instagram livestream why the media withdrawal is not so rare. She says: “That has nothing to do with the fact that they no longer want to have anything to do with ‘wedding at first sight’, no, they just have a private life, an everyday life.”

In fact, it is probably different whether you share a moment in life like a wedding with others, or whether – symbolically speaking – the camera stays in the bedroom. Long-term observation must put a strain on life, Many ex-candidates are therefore consistent and withdraw completely from the public.

There is, for example, Robert from Hamburg, for whom love with his show wife Emily did not work out in the long run. Many fans want to know: How is the aeronautical engineering master doing today? We hope so, but Robert even deleted his Instagram account. Annika says he did this “not without reason”. Maybe he is still looking for his great love, but now in a quieter, less well-lit place.



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