Wedding after a failed Olympics! Climber Ondra is already in chomout

The Tokyo Olympics did not go as planned. He figured in the medal game for a long time, but in the end he finished sixth at the Olympic premiere of sport climbing. However, the climber Adam Ondra threw the failure behind his head and now he is happy with his marriage to his longtime girlfriend Iva.

The wedding took place at the foot of the Alps in Italy, overlooking Lake Garda. The engagement took place at the beginning of February this year and the wedding itself took place on Wednesday, the first of September. The two newlyweds share a common passion for climbing, so it was no surprise that the couple got married in the Italian mountains.

The newlywed Iva has already changed her surname to Ondra on social networks, and she also boasted a few photos from the preparations and the wedding day itself.

The newlyweds Ondra

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