“Wedded in Public Gathering?”… Hassan Shakoush’s Spouse Faints During Live Broadcast and Requests Divorce

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Monday, March 27, 2023

Books – Moataz Abbas:

The media, Basma Wahba, hosted the popular artist, Hassan Shakoush, and his wife, Reem, in the fifth episode of her program, “The Oracle”, shown on “Al-Nahar” satellite channel, today, Monday.

The “Sheikh of fortune-tellers” raised the doubts of Shakoush’s wife, causing an unexpected surprise, which is Hassan Shakoush’s marriage to another wife to his current wife, saying: “Do you know that he has a villa in the assembly?

He added, “He has a bride. He did not tell you, Reem. What do you say, Hassan? He is married, Reem. I am not married to you. Hassan is married to another woman.”

Shakoush tried to respond quickly to solve the problem, saying: “I was inside the marriage project and the girl was from the assembly, and I spoke to Reem about her, and she knew before I married her.” Reem replied, “I don’t know anything.. You got married in the assembly.”

Reem collapsed, saying: “It happened well, it’s a topic and it’s over. I’m talking about my topic.” Hassan replied to her, saying: “I mean, what’s left, I’ve finished a topic that’s over,” to continue Reem: “Then it’s left when we finish.”

It is worth noting that Hassan Shakoush celebrated a few days before Ramadan with his marriage to a girl from outside the artistic community, at a wedding ceremony that witnessed the presence of a group of art stars, including Tamer Hosni, Hanadi Muhanna, along with the presence of his two friends, Hamo Beka and Omar Kamal.

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