Website Hacked into “People’s Traitor Council”, This is the Explanation of the Secretary General of the DPR – A video showing a change in the name of the homepage on the official website of the House of Representatives (DPR) is busy on social media, Thursday (8/10/2020).

In the 15-second video, the DPR’s official website,, reads “The People’s Traitor Council of the Republic of Indonesia”.

The video was uploaded by Melatikaaa’s Twitter account, @melatikaaa_.

Hurt IT kid
source: tiktok #JokowiKabur, “wrote Melatikaaa in her tweet.

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As of Thursday (8 // 10/2020), the upload has been tweeted 1,800 times and has been liked by more than 6,900 by other Twitter users.

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So, really the site DPR RI the middle direct?

When confirmed, the Secretary General (Secretary General) of the DPR RI, Indra Iskandar, confirmed the news of the hacking of the DPR RI’s official website.

“Yes, there are efforts to hack, to this day, flooding the DPR website with viruses, “said Indra to, Thursday (8/10/2020).

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According to him, effort hacking This has been started since Monday (5/10/2020) at around 19.00 WIB.

Indra explained that currently the condition of the DPR’s official website has not fully recovered because they have to fence off thousands of viruses that have been sent by certain irresponsible individuals.

“It’s still not normal. About 30 minutes ago there were still about 5,000 to 6,000 viruses trying to enter. Usually, only 500 to 600 per day,” said Indra.

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He added that thousands of viruses were sent to paralyze the official website of the DPR.

Even so, the DPR has worked with a number of agencies to protect the official website and improve the system.

“We are cooperating with other agencies, such as Telkom, Bareskrim, both to fence off the DPR website. Although it is a bit difficult and difficult to enter, because it is constantly flooded with BIOS viruses,” he added.

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BETWEEN PHOTOS / ARDIANSYAH Students clashed with the police by pelting officers at a demonstration at the Lampung Provincial Government office, Lampung, Wednesday (7/10/2020). The action was a rejection of the Job Creation Bill which was passed by the Indonesian Parliament.

It should be noted that currently the DPR is in the public spotlight because it ratifies it all the law Work Creation Bill became law in a relatively short time.

There are 11 clusters included in this Copyright Act, among others:

1. Simplifying land permits
2. Investment requirements
3. Employment
4. UMKM facilities and protection
5. Ease of effort
6. Research and innovation support
7. Government administration
8. Imposition of sanctions
9. Control of land
10. Ease of government projects
11. Special Economic Areas (KEK)

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Apart from the relatively short validation process, there are several related points of concern all the law The Copyright Act.

The first is about eliminating the city / regency minimum wage (UMK) and replacing it with the provincial minimum wage (UMP). The elimination is considered to have lowered workers’ wages.

In addition, it is still related to the work contract.

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In the Job Creation Bill one of the points in Article 61 regulates that the work agreement ends when the work is completed.

Meanwhile, Article 61A adds a provision on the obligation for employers to provide compensation to workers whose working relationship has ended.

The Copyright Act also no longer mentions the time limit of a particular time employment agreement (PKWT) or contract employee, as in Article 59 paragraph 4.

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In that article, only the provisions regarding the type and nature or activity of the work, the period of time, and the deadline for non-permanent contracts extension are stipulated by regulations.

In fact, in the Manpower Law No. 13 of 2003, the deadline for PKWT extension is at most two years, and can only be extended once for a maximum period of one year.

With this regulation, the Job Creation Bill is considered to be detrimental to workers because of the imbalance of power relations in making agreements.

This is because the term of the contract will be in the hands of the employer which has the potential to make the status of the workers’ contract permanent. In fact, it is assessed that employers can lay off workers at any time.

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Infographics: Points all Law Law Creates Highlights That Harvest Highlights


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